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diy Wedding Crafts: Oven Cupcake Box Favors

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Materials Needed:

1. Cut two sheets of card stock or heavy weight scrapbook paper to 8.5 x 11 inches so it will fit in your printer. Print the FREE Bitty Bakery Box template (click here). Do not resize or scale.

2. On this template, dark lines indicate where to cut. The dotted lines show you where to fold; do not cut on the dotted lines. Cut out all pieces of the template along the dark lines. Also remove the center rectangle that is labeled “door.”

3. Now we’ll make folds along each of the dotted lines. The printed side of the paper will end up being the inside of your box. It may be easier for you to fold backwards on the dotted line first, so you can see precisely where to crease. Then crease the opposite direction, bringing the fold inward. All flaps should be folded inward. Do this on all pieces.

4. Next we’ll join the two pieces of the box together. The flap with the star printed on it will overlap the other piece printed with a star. The edge of the paper should align with the dotted line on the flap.Adhere the pieces by adding glue dots to the back side of the flap with the star. Add the glue dots to the unprinted side, then press to the other piece.

5. Add glue dots to the back side of the two flaps on the “bottom” piece. Fold the paper upward along the crease on the star flap. See how this creates a box shape? Adhere the flaps to the sides of the box.

6. Repeat this process with the top flaps. Adhere to the interior sides of the box. Be sure all edges are lined up evenly.

Making the Control Panel

7. Now we’ll make the oven’s control panel. You’ll notice there are dots printed on the inside. You can use a small hole punch or pin to make holes for brads, to mimic the buttons on the control panel. (Alternately, you could draw or cut your own from paper.)

8. The narrow folded strip will adhere to the top of the box, and the other folded half will adhere to the back.Add glue dots to the unprinted side of the control panel’s narrow fold. Adhere to the top of the box, about 1/3 of the way from the rear of the box.

9. Place adhesive on the remaining long edge of the control panel, on the printed side. Adhere to the back of the box.

10. Cut a scrap of plastic or cellophane into a rectangle slightly larger than the hole on the door. Adhere this to the interior of the oven door.

Making the Oven Mitt

11. Now we’ll make the oven mitt. Cut out the shape roughly, then adhere it to the back of a scrap of printed paper. Trim neatly around the mitt.

12. Make a small loop from ribbon or twine, and adhere to the back of the mitt.

13. Next we’ll make the burners on the stove top. You can use black buttons, paper circles, or brads. Add four burners to the top of the stove.

14. Cut a scrap of black paper into a rectangle to create the door handle. Add a brad to each end to mimic screws.

15. Slide the rectangle through the loop on the oven mitt so it will hang from the door handle. Adhere the handle with glue dots or foam pop dots.This box will fit a regular-sized cupcake or muffin. Do not place in microwave or oven. 

Source: Oven Cupcake Box: Made By Marzipan

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