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diy Wedding Crafts: Paper Flower Wall Backdrop

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diy Wedding Crafts: Paper Flower Wall Backdrop

This is an amazing paper flower wall  backdrop! The wall behind the flowers is made of half wood and half canvas.  If you cannot make this at the venue, we recommend making this in pieces and using hardware hinges to fold down for easier transporting. Grab your wedding party, you are going to need many hands to make these beautiful paper flowers.

Materials Needed:

  •  a ton of paper, colour of choice
  • scissors
  • hot glue & glue gun (for the wall we used about 80 glue sticks)
  • wood
  • canvas

diy Wedding Crafts: Paper Flower Wall Backdrop

The rosebud:

  • begin by cutting a paper spiral
  • start curling in from the center, gluing as you go
  • play with width of the spiral and size of the paper for variety

The waterlily & the dahlia & everything else:

  • begin by cutting several pointed petals for waterlilies and rounded petals for dahlias
  • curl the first piece and glue
  • working in pairs, add dots of glue to the bottom corners of each petal and starting building out the flower
  • to build lots of volume glue the petal sides close together, making a more curled, petal like shape.
  • each flower will look different depending on the shape you cut the petals.


Created by: Alana Kumar  | Source:



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