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diy Wedding Crafts: Sand Favor For Guests – Tutorial

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diy Wedding Crafts: Colored Sand Favor Tutorial - more inspiration at

Making sand favors for your guests are simple and great decoration for your guest tables! All materials are available at most craft stores like Michael’s.

Materials Needed:

• Colored sand (choose colors to match your theme)
• Extra fine glitter (optional)
• Assorted glass bottles
• Funnel
Personalized favor tags
• Twine


  1. Chose two colors of sand, white and blue with turquoise extra fine glitter was used for his project.
  2. Using a funnel, first pour in a layer of white sand in each bottle, then blue sand, and then the glitter. Be prepared to make a bit of a sandy, glittery mess.
  3. Continue adding layers of colored sand and glitter until the bottle is full.
  4. Add your favor tags and put on guest tables.

Photography & Project:  My Own Ideas.

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  • Love this idea! Is there any way to get colored sand sent to New Zealand? I’ve tried so many places with no luck. Please help. I’m after a light green. Thank You Julie

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