DIY Wedding Crafts

diy Wedding Crafts: Striped Glass Bottle Vases

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Materials Needed:

-Montana Gold spray paints in Bazooka Joe, Malachite, and Liberty
Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold spray paint
-glass bottles or Starbuck bottles
-rubber bands
painters tape
-aluminum foil

Flowers Used:

protea, lilac, and freesia

Step 1: Slide the rubber bands on to the bottle to create a striped pattern.

Step 2: Apply painters tape above the top rubber band.

Step 3: Cover the top of the bottle with aluminum foil and tape down the bottom edge, making sure that tape doesn’t go below the tape that was applied in the previous step.

Step 4: Spray paint the bottle in several light coats until opaque, waiting about a minute in between each coat.

Step 5: Wait about an hour or until the paint is fully dried before cutting off the rubber bands. Very carefully pull the rubber band away from the bottle and use scissors to snip it. From there you can rip the rubber band right off.

Step 6: Remove the rest of the tape and foil and fill your new vases with flowers.

Source: Homey Oh My

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