Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

diy Wedding Crafts: Wheat Inspired Centerpieces

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Adopting this idea you can make these into table number centerpieces.  Another cool idea is to add your wedding initials.

Wheat Bottle Centerpiece

Materials Needed:

  • Empty Bottles
  • Vinyl Letters
  • Wheat bundles
  • Scrubbing pad



1. Start with any bottle with a great shape. DH found these at our local Associated Foods grocery store.


2. Remove as much of the front and back labels as possible, then soak for 12-20 minutes in warm water.

3. The remaining paper and glue should wipe off easily with a rag or scrub pad.

 4. If your bottle has a stamped expiration date (and most do) gently scrub it off with a scrub pad.  Mine came off in two seconds flat. Allow to dry thoroughly inside and out.


5.  For the words, I used a CriCut machine. If you don’t have a CriCut machine, cut letters from vinyl sheets or contact paper with regular craft scissors.

6. Apply vinyl lettering to bottles as you would for any other project.  If you’re using these for a table, make sure to cut two sets of letters so that your guests can see the letters on both sides of the table.  (The font used for this project is JSL Ancient, available as a free download here.

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7. To prepare your wheat, remove any weeds and leaves (if using home-grown) or remove outer wrapping from store-brought bundles. Gather a bunch of stems roughly the same width as the bottle opening into a nice, tight cluster. Carefully insert wheat, removing any stems that won’t quite fit.   You want the wheat to fit snuggly.


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