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diy Wedding Ideas: Fabric Draping Your Outside Reception

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Shah-925A while back I wrote a post on “how to drape your reception room”.  The photos are from my own wedding.  I have many brides who email me asking me how I did it.  Jennifer was one of those brides.  A few days ago she emailed me with her wedding draping project and some photos to share with you.  Congratulations and thank you Jennifer!

Here is how Jennifer hung her fabric:

On one sidShah-1128e of the wood trellis we were able to wrap the fabric around the beam. We were lucky that the wood structure was built that way because this became the anchor of getting the fabric to stay securely. Then, for the perimeter where we attached the ends of the fabric to, I literally just cut into the fabric itself and created ties in the end of it. This allowed me to simply tie 3-4 knots on the structure and even with the wind blowing a little bit, they were quite secure.

The fabric that I ended up using was a colored broadcloth. I scavenged around Joann’s Fabric and tried to find the cheapest, light weight fabric I could that would still provide some sun protection. Luckily I hit a sale and was able to buy 8 – 20 ft panels for about $200.  For something that really made my outdoor area pop, and ended up providing shade for an incredibly hot summer day, I think my guests were thankful I had it. So basically the only cost involved for hanging the fabric was the fabric itself. With most fabrics in this length, there were lots of creases throughout the fabric. Instead of wasting time ironing it all out, we just hung the fabric the night before. That way, the next dewy morning, the sun dried it out and did away with the creases for us! Not to mention it was nice not to have to worry about hanging one more thing the day of the wedding. So, the next day we arrived at the church and since the draping withstood an entire night, I knew it wouldn’t fall during my reception.


{Bride Submission} Jennifer Shah


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