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diy Wedding Ideas: Beautiful Uses for LED Lights

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Lighting for your wedding day probably isn’t up there as one of your top priorities, but it should be!

Lighting is one thing that people often don’t pay much attention to, but in reality it can make or break the atmosphere of your big day. Top wedding venues often spend thousands on lighting and offer specific lighting packages tailored to suit your individual needs. When you’re ‘doing it yourself’ however, the lighting options are often limited. But that’s not to say you can’t create a beautiful wedding wonderland with some simple, well placed LED lights.

 ‘No Naked Flames’? No Problem With Flameless LED Candles

Often smaller venues or marquee hire companies have a ‘no naked flame’ clause in their contracts, meaning all those lovely candlelit table plans you’ve pinned have gone right out the window! But, fear not, there is a way to avoid breach of contract and still have gorgeous candle light on your big day…

Get around the ‘no naked flame’ clause by using flameless LED candles.

Battery operated LED Tealight Candles

Battery powered tea lights are ideal for weddings with lots of children or for venues that enforce the ‘no naked flame’ rule. These little beauties mean you can still create the romantic effect of soft flickering candlelight without the risk of hot wax burns or unattended naked flames.

Light Up The Night With LEDs

Having an outdoor wedding? Love the idea of having beautiful fairy lights twinkling in the trees or around your gorgeous marquee but don’t want unsightly extension cables and generators ruining the look? Solar powered LED fairy lights are the perfect outdoor wedding lighting solution without the faff of hundreds of extension cables running all over the place causing a trip hazard.

Marque LEDsImage courtesy of Jeni Smith Photography

Wireless string lights are perfect for wrapping around tree branches, along fences or around marquee entrances to create a magical fairy tale atmosphere when dusk falls on your big day and the evening celebrations are in full swing.

Create Unique LED Centrepieces

Floral centrepieces may be beautiful, but these days they aren’t very original. LEDs can be used to create stunning and unique centerpieces that will really WOW your guests.

Floating LED floral centrepiece

From floral decorations with LEDs wrapped around them, to underwater masterpieces using waterproof lights. LED centrepieces can be as simple or as extravagant as you like. As well as creating an original and memorable centerpiece, the LEDs are also useful when the lights go down and it’s time for that first dance. They set the mood and help put the finishing touches on the perfect day.

Give Your Band An Epic LED Backdrop

Whether it’s an all action rock show or a more traditional wedding band, every performer needs a stage backdrop that will impress their audience. Create a stunning visual display for your guests and give your band a backdrop Lady GaGa herself would be proud of by using LED lights.

Wedding Light Wall
Image courtesy of Jeni Smith Photography

The great thing about LEDs is it doesn’t have to be complicated. A few sets of string lights hung along the back wall of the stage and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous light wall and a great focal point for the evenings entertainment.

Have Some Fun With LEDs

For the more fun loving, adventurous couples that want to bring a touch of colour and festival atmosphere to their big day, why not consider Outdoor LED Ball Lights.

LED Ball Lights

These fantastic lights are 100% waterproof, wireless and lightweight. They can even float on water so why not brighten up that pond or water feature? Light enough to hang-up too, these beautiful ball lights are an ideal way to brighten up your wedding and inject a sense of fun into your Big Day!

If you want to use the power of LEDs to turn your special day into a perfect one, have a great selection of affordable lights and LEDs to help bring your creative vision to life.

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