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diy Wedding Ideas: CD Favor & Place Seating Card

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CD Favor & Place Seatings Card

 Over at Rock My Wedding, I found this great CD favor doubling as a place seating card for your guests.  Super easy to do.  These diy CD favor place settings are made from brown parcel paper. Cheap if you buy it buy the roll.  Using various fonts, colors and images will have a huge impact on the final outcome of this project.

Cut a sheet of A4 from the roll at an angle to get the lines of the paper running diagonally.

  1. Blank side up, place the center of the CD hole over the center point of the shorter side of the paper.
  2. Fold the top and bottom in so that the CD is fitted snugly in the center.
  3. Carefully fold the CD over toward the center (make sure the cd doesn’t move around too much)
  4. Fold the other side in so it’s snug against the exposed edge of the CD.
  5. Unfold again.
  6. Fold the corners inline with the folds you did in stage 2.
  7. Tuck the folded edge in between the CD and the paper.
  8. Presto! 1 down… 124 to go (based on a wedding with 125 guests).

diy Wedding Ideas: CD Favor Place Setting - get inspired at diyweddingsmag.comRock My Wedding gives you a word template to use and make your life easier.

Photography & Project: Rock My Wedding


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