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diy Wedding Ideas: Chocolate Letter Seating Cards

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{diy Wedding Ideas} Chocolate Letter Seating Cards - get inspired at

What a sweet and creative idea, Chocolate Letter Seating Cards from Oh Happy Day. This can double as desert, guest favors and seating cards. Now that is a budget saving idea!

Materials Needed:

-Candy Alphabet Molds
-Cellophane bags
-Patterned scrapbook paper
-Flag labels for guests names

You can get chocolate letters already made at the Chocolate Vault.

Project:  Oh Happy Day


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  • While the idea is great, the execution on this looks more like a baby shower favor rather than a wedding favor. Idk if it is the color or pattern behind the letters – or even the style of the letters – its doesn’t scream wedding 🙁

  • Erica – I am surprised that you didn’t offer more of a creative suggestion since you are in the favor business. Sometimes I see something and my creative mind says “you can turn that into a wedding favor or centerpiece or seating card” so let’s tap into that a bit more. This was the case with this project. You can use white doilies behind these or white lace paper. You can wrap them with chocolate bow and take a glue gun and attach a matching silk flower. If you have the Tiffany blue and chocolate brown theme going – these would be prefect with Tiffany Blue craft paper or card stock behind the letter and a chocolate bow around the outside of the package. Add a beautiful pink insert behind the letter then staple or glue on a small pink bow at the top {not too big you don’t want to cover up the letter} of the package. Don’t forget to match your flag labels to your theme. I could be here all day but I think you got the picture. 🙂

    On a separate note not everything needs to look like a wedding. What if you’re having a themed wedding? Some themes are not wedding like at all. I had a couple that loved their Georgia Bulldogs and everything was decorated in Red, Black and Bulldogs everywhere. They even ended their vows with the college fight song.

    Anyone else care to share? I would love to hear your ideas!

  • Now this is a great idea! Not only can it be the favor but also desert – brilliant!! You just saved me mega bucks.

  • I like this idea a lot – another idea might be to give out chocolate numbers, representing the table number! Really cute!

  • I am planning on doing this for my daughters wedding but can not find a a letter mold that is a little bit more formal, like cursive. Any suggestions?

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