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diy Wedding Ideas: Kids Wedding Table Activities

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diy Wedding Ideas: Kids Wedding Table Activities

If you are planning on having children at your wedding it would be in your best interested to provide a kids table. Their cute and it will keep them busy!  Make the table inviting by placing colored paper, bowls of crayons and mason jars filled with candy with name tags at the kids table. Here is a list of some fun items you can purchase:

  1. A disposable camera ~ these are so inexpensive these days, provide one for each child and let them click away.
  2. A sketch book or color paper
  3. Pencils/crayons
  4. Activity book
  5. A sticker book and stickers  ~ animal stickers are the most popular with both boys and girls.
  6. Bubbles
  7. Play Doh
  8. Treats ~ you would need to find out about the children’s dietary requirements for this one.  A healthy alternative would be packets of grapes or apple slices.


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