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diy Wedding Ideas: Make A Rustic Branch Centerpiece

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diy branch centerpiece

We love the way Heidi at used curly willow branches to create this great rustic branch centerpiece. See more photos of this diy project.

Materials Needed:

– Curly willow branches
– Regular branches
– Electrical tape
– Plaster of pair
– Flower contain
– Hydrangeas
– Beads


  1. Spray paint your curly willow and stray branches white.  For a rustic weathered look, spray lightly.
  2. Add plaster of paris in your container or to a smaller container that will insert into your decorative container as soon below.
  3. Make a tape grid to hold your branches in place. You will have to hold these for a while until the plaster sets up or make your taped grid tighter.
  4. Let set for several hours.
  5. To hold the inner container in place, use rocks, marbles, paper or floral foam.
  6.  Add water and flowers.
  7. Finish with draping with a pearly garland, crystals or whatever you like.

Photography & Project courtesy of: Heidi Ferguson, Honey Bear Lane



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