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diy Wedding Ideas: Ombre Dipped Candles

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Ombre Dipped Candles

Ombre fabric dying is a dip dye effect created a layer of gradual color.


  • Set of plain candles
  • Bag of paraffin wax (from a craft store)
  • A handful of crayons in similar shades (I choose orange)
  • Waxed Paper
  • Knife
  • Clean can

Remove the paper and cut up the crayons into small pieces

Fill up the can 1/2 of the way with paraffin wax and place the crayons on top

Place in a large pot filled up 2/3rds of the way up the can with water. Use a lid to secure the can in place (it’s lighter than the water so it won’t stand on its own). Bring water to boil and watch as wax melts. It will take about 15 minutes to melt completely.

When the wax is melted completely give it a stir with a plastic utensil and place with the candles on some waxed paper.  Now you’re ready to start dipping!

Dip the candle in, only about an inch into the wax and hold as steadily as possible for about 10 second. Dip again an inch or so deeper and hold another 10 seconds. Continue up the candle. For the last dip, make a super quick dunk to get the lightest shade.

It should have a slightly gradual dye.  Let dry completely (only a an hour or so).

Photography & Project: Momtastic


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