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diy Wedding Ideas: Paper Flower Centerpieces Tutorial

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Cute doesn’t even start to describe these flowers.  Paper flower centerpieces that you can make in any color.  Event the tutorial is cute! Print out the entire tutorial by  The Budget Savvy Bride.

Materials Needed:

–  Colored cardstock {8 1/2 x 11 sheet, one per flower}
–  Floral tape
–  X-Acto knife
–  Awl or needle
–  Cutting mat
–  Ruler
–  Brads {on per flower}
–  Floral wire
–  Wire cutters and pliers
–  Scissors
–  Decorative vases
–  Craft glue


1. Download the attached templates and print A. each template onto separate sheets of 8 1/2″ x 11″ cardstock (you may want to choose a different color or shade of cardstock for each of the three pieces of  the flowers). Download the attached templates and open in B. Adobe Illustrator in order to cut out using the Craft ROBO software for the QuicKutz Silhouette (or other compatible die-cutting machine). Cut out
2. Use scissors or an X-acto knife to cut out each flower (if you aren’t using a die-cutting machine).
3. Using the X-acto knife and ruler, score (lightly cut) each piece of the flower, first from tip of one petal to another on one side (Side A) and then from in between each petal of the other side (Side B; see diagram). Do not cut all the way through the paper! Scoring will make each piece easier to fold.
4. Fold each piece of the flower along the score lines. You will want to fold with the score, so the incised edge is facing outward. The folds on side A will be upward; the folds on side B will be downward. Use a bone folder to help make the crease, if necessary.
6. Stack as many or as few of the pieces together as you like. If using all three sizes, the smallest piece will go on the top, followed by the medium one, and then the largest one. Select a pretty brad and poke it through the holes in all the pieces. Pull the tongs of the brad apart
7. Trim the floral wire to the desired size with the wire cutters. Stick one end of the floral wire between the tongs of the brad. Begin to wrap the flower into place with floral tape. If it is difficult to keep the flower in place, use a dot of craft glue at the point where the wire meets the brad and allow to dry before wrapping the wire with the floral tape.


8. Arrange your flower(s) in a pretty vase

Project Creator & Photography: Ashley D Hairston


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