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diy Wedding Ideas: Pinecone Seating Card Holders

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DIY Wedding Pine Cone Seating Cards


This is so eco-friendly not to mention cute.  You will need someone with a steady hand who can handle a saw. Click on how to make these great seating cards.

Materials Needed:

1. Mini Pinecones: $5 for a bag of 30 (Can be bought from a flower market or craft store)
2. Hacksaw: $9 If possible get one with small teeth.
3. Safety Glove: $5 to hold the pinecone while you saw.
4. Seating Cards for the names

Photography: Project Wedding


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  • We are actually have a board for seating but i imagine the rules are the same. So if guest name is John Smith, do I put Mr. John Smith & Guest? or do i put the guests name?

    If he is married do i put , Mr. & Mrs. John Smith? Or John & Jane Smith?

  • Hi Barbara – there really isn’t a wrong answer to this. If you are having a formal wedding you will want to use the Mr. & Mrs. John Smith. Less than formal you can use Kath Smith & John Smith {the women’s name should come first if you use one card per couple}. If you have the guest name use it to make them feel welcomed. If no guest name use John Smith’s Guest. Just remember it’s your wedding so you can do no wrong!

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