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diy Wedding Ideas: Silhouette Wedding Program

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diy Wedding Ideas: Silhouette Wedding Program - Image1
Thank you to Lindsey Jarvis, owner of  Simple & Stunning for sharing her fabulous Silhouette Wedding Programs with us. Visit Simple & Stunning for a custom made template.

Materials Needed:

• Cardstock Template (Designed yourself or from our shop)
• Double Sided Tape
• Wooden paddle fan sticks (Hobby Lobby, Michaels or
• Scissors

• Paper Edge Rounder (Target, Walmart or any craft store)
• Ribbon (Hobby Lobby, JoAnns, Michaels)
• Mini wooden pencils if you have a game on the back (
• Rubber Bands to secure the pencils

diy Wedding Ideas: Silhouette Wedding Program - Image2


STEP 1: Design your template.

  • Using your favorite design program or by purchasing the design online, you will need two 5.5” x8.5” designs that are set up side by side on a regular 8½ x 11 Landscape page layout. Example:

diy Wedding Ideas: Silhouette Wedding Program - Image3-01

*Design Note: By adding different sections to your program, it really makes a nice unique piece for your guests to enjoy; I love to include sections like: Fun Facts about the couple, Order of Ceremony Events, Fun Wedding Party Silhouettes, Parents Section, Reception info and a Fun Thank You, Timeline or Game on the back of fan!

STEP 3: Printing your Design:

• When choosing your cardstock, I recommended using a brand with at least 100# thickness
• For a quick and easy printing process, take your ready to print file to your favorite local print shop, I recommend Kinkos, Staples or Office Max.
• But for the busy bride, our shop also offers printing and assembly services as well.

Step 2: Preparing the Paddle Fan

1. Start by folding all the printed designs in half.
2. Using your double sided tape, line the top half of your wooden paddle stick
3. On the inside right of the folded cardstock, place the wooden paddle stick at the bottom middle portion of the right side of the page (with the sticky side down and so half of the stick is sticking out from the bottom of the page)
4. Use the double sided tape to line the rest of the right side of the page
5. Fold over the left side so it completely covers the side with the wooden stick and the double sided tape and press it down to secure. The paddle fan should now have its final shape.

diy Wedding Ideas: Silhouette Wedding Program - Image4

Step 3: Additional Unique Touches

• Use the edge rounder on all the sides to add an elegant rounded touch.
• Cut the ribbon at about 12” and tie around the wooden stick for another stylish touch.
• If you have a game on the back side of the program, using a rubber band works great to secure them in place (tying the ribbon around the rubber band looks beautiful as well)

Step 4: Finished Product

diy Wedding Ideas: Silhouette Wedding Program - Image5

You can purchase a custom made template  use coupon code DIYBRIDE15 for 15% off!

Photography & Project submitted by: Simple & Stunning



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