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diy Wedding Ideas: Silhouette Wedding Program


Posted by Kym

diy silhouette wedding program2



Materials Needed:
– Cardstock Template (Made with Microsoft Word)
– Double Sided Tape
– Wooden paddle fan sticks (Hobby Lobby, Michaels or
– Mini Golf Pencils (Office max or
– Rubber Bands or Ribbon
– Paper Edge Rounder (Wal-Mart or any craft store)
– Scissors


Step 1: Design your template.
Using Microsoft word design a two sided template on a regular 8½ x 11 Landscape page layout.

Design Note: I added unique facts about our wedding like, Fun Facts, Order of Events, The Wedding Party, Parents, Reception info and a fun Word Search on the back side.

1. The Template should be printed on cardstock paper

Design Note: For fast and easy printing I had my templates printed at Kinkos.

Step 2: Prepare the Program

2.  Start by folding all the cardstock paper in half.
3.  On the inside of the folded cardstock, place a wooden stick in the middle of the right side and secure with tape.
4.  Use the double sided tape to line the entire edge of this same side.
5.  Fold over the left side so it completely covers the side with the wooden stick and the double sided tape. The paddle should now be completely secure.

Step 3: Finishing Touches
6.  Use the paper edge rounder on all the sides to add an elegant touch.
7.  Use a rubber band or ribbon to secure the mini golf pencil to the bottom of the wooden stick, so your guests have something to use for the word search on the back. J

Step 4: Finished Product
Image below.  You can purchase a custom made template  use coupon code BRIDE2014 for 15% off!

diy silhouette wedding program1
Thank you to Lindsey Knebel, owner of  Simple & Stunning for sharing her Silhouette Wedding Programs.  Visit her shop here.

Photography & Project submitted by: Simple & Stunning


Kym Kym (1163 Posts)


  • Peppermint Patty

    Our whole wedding theme is about Silhouettes – so this is perfect!

  • ♫ Me ♪


  • Sage

    I just got my template and discount!

  • dvpruon

    Thank you for posting this with a template – 50% off is a great BONUS!

  • queen_28

    super cool idea

  • Sarah

    Where did you get the silhouettes? I love this but wouldn’t know how to get those images on it!

  • Sarah

    Never mind – saw what you posted for the templates :) Thanks!

  • Amanda Hrbek

    I Love these! I’m interested in prices, etc! Thanks :))

  • Kym

    Hi Amanda – visit here to inquiry about pricing:

  • Sarah Richardson

    Hi Kym,
    I am very interested in purchasing your Silhouette Wedding Program but cannot seem to find it anywhere. I had it in my favorites on etsy, but it is no longer there.
    Should I go about finding the program another way?
    Thank you!
    Sarah R.

  • Kym

    Hi Sarah – it’s back up. Use the link at the bottom of the page. Thank you.

  • Grace

    Can you get the template on a whole page with bride and groom and 9 couples and a ring barer and a flower girl.

  • Brandi C

    Can you e-mail me the word template for the flyer? I also would love to know where I can get the jpg of the wedding party.

    Thank you!!!

  • Kym

    Hi Brandi,
    Please visit her shop at to purchase the template. You can also email her for the additional information. Thank you.

  • Grace lewis

    I am tring to get information regarding a template for a bridal party total of 22.

  • Kym

    Hi Grace,

    The guest post was submitted by Simple and Stunning. Contact her at to purchase the template. You can also email her for the additional information through her website. Thank you.

  • Michael

    This is a great idea. What type of paper did you use? I see it says card stock but I’m curious what weight it was. 80lb? 110lb? Also was it a textured paper, matte, or glossy? I’m going to try this. Thanks!

  • Kym

    Michael – paper weight will depend on what your printer can handle so look at your printer specs. 110lb will feel like it came from a professional printer, but again look at your printer specs to see if it will handle that thickness. It appears that she used matte – be again this is all about personal preference. Good luck!

  • Waren Quaid

    I have found another great site with over 175 different silhouettes for wedding parties, They also create custom art as well

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