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diy Wedding Ideas: Tealight Candle Lamp Shades {Video}

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DIY Wedding Lamp Shade

A big thank you to for sharing their tea light candle lamp shades project with us!  Watch their easy and cool step-by-step video below.  Warning! If you are at the office – festive music accompanies this video – we love it but the boss probably won’t. {Wink!}DIY Lamp Shade


Materials Needed:

– Scissors
– Any piece of A4 paper
– Ruler
-Tea light candle
– Wine glass
– Lighter
-Sticky tape
– Pencil

DIY Lampshade from Hauke Digital on Vimeo.



Step {1} Hold your paper in landscape, and measure 16cm from the top. Draw a line horizontally

Step {2} Measure 29cm from the left side, and draw a line vertically

Step {3} Measure 7.5cm from each side and make a mark at each point

Step {4} Draw a diagonal line from each 7.5cm point to the edge of the paper at the 16cm line. The final shape should measure 14cm at the top, 29cm at the bottom and 16cm from top to bottom

Step {5} Cut out the shape

Step {6} Place tape along the one side of the page, and bring it around to the other side to form the lamp shade

Step {7} Light the tea light candle and drop it into the wine glass

Step {8} Place the lampshade over the glass. Voila! Your romantic table decor is ready to light up the scene.


Note: With any of our diy projects, if you should recreate the project, send us pictures, materials you used, final cost per item to make and your advicefeedback and we will feature you. Use our submission form.

Photography & Project courtesy of: Wedding Friends


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