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diy Wedding Ideas: Turn Old Paperback Books Into Vases

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Paperback Book Vases

For the couple who loves to read  This is a great project to add to your vintage wedding theme. This is one project your guests will be talking about long after you get back from your honeymoon!

Step 1
Find an old paperback book that you don’t mind turning into a vase. Trace the shape you want your vase to be on the front cover and first few pages.

Step 2
Begin cutting out the shape of the vase using an exacto knife or scissors. (I used scissors, and I have a feeling that a craft knife would work better.)

Step 3
Continue cutting all the way through the pages of the book along the template, until you are done. This will take a while. Your book should now fan out in the shape of a vase.
Step 4
Glue the front and back covers of the book together so that the vase will stand on it’s base. You may have to glue a few of the first pages, or a page here and there to make sure the vase is uniform and well-balanced. Let dry, and you’re done! It makes a nice vintage edition to your shelf or mantel.

Another tutorial similar with more pictures can be found at She Endeavors.



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