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DIY Wedding Invitations: How to Make Smashing Wedding Invites

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Weddings are increasingly complex affairs. It’s not just to do with two people tying the knot about all of those who’d come to bless them, the usual arrangements, food & beverages, entertainment (in some cases).

It’s that time of your life when your stomach knurls into a knot; nervousness tends to consume you; and as the big wedding day approaches, and you’ll have the uphill task of battling with these feelings while taking over the responsibilities that come with the event.

It all starts with that wedding invitation — it’s one of those things that will make that impression. It holds the significance of you and your betrothed who committed to ever-lasting love and commitment. It’s such an important day that a single mistake can raise a chain of misgivings and disappointment that’s not likely to end with the day itself.

A wedding is the most important day of your life; your wedding invite is a little preview of that day.

Here’s how to prepare to do wedding invitations yourself, the tools you need, where to grab ideas, and how to manage invites:

Gather your tools

Doing wedding invitations on your own can be incredibly fulfilling both in terms of expressing creativity and saving money. None of that is going to happen if you don’t have the right set of tools to start with.

If it has to come down to printable wedding invitations that you intend to send out as direct mail, you’ll need some stock tools. Here are some bare necessities you can try gathering:

  • Printed sheets
  • Card Stock
  • Ribbons
  • A hole puncher
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive glue
  • Paper cutter (alternatively, you can use a ruler but it’s not recommended)


The best route to take with respect to design is to sit and create themes for your own wedding. The intent and the hard work will show.

If you don’t have the time to do your own designs or if you think that it makes more sense to just use designs that are available already, then you can start by grabbing free templates off a site like Wedding Chicks or even professional marketplaces such as Graphic River – both the websites feature monograms, invitation templates, email templates exclusively made for wedding invitations, invitation suites, wedding signs, and floral containers.

Spend time to pore through countless designs on either of those sites. Of course, you have many more sources for design, but these two will do to begin with. Filter out designs you don’t need, narrow down on your selections, and finally choose the best design for your wedding invitation (it helps if you have a second opinion from a friend).

Christina Baumann of Bridal Tweet explains – with pictures – how she made her own wedding invitations for well under $50.

Wendy Dahl of Dahl Wedding Company has a few helpful videos on how to make your wedding invitations.

Inspiration is everywhere, including Pinterest

Let’s start with Pinterest. It’s a social network that thrives on visuals. Finding inspiration on creating or designing your own wedding invitations, there’s no better place than Pinterest.

Check out’s board on DIY Wedding Invitation ideas to begin with.

Exclusively Weddings – a U.S. based wedding stock retailer since 1992 – has an active Pinterest board with an inspiring collection of wedding ideas (including invitations and other wedding-related paraphernalia).

But ideas don’t have to come off the Internet always.

Sometimes you’ll just have to look around you: did someone handout a business card that was unique and made with a different card stock? If yes, how about using that kind of card stock for your wedding invites? Did you happen to see marketing material (brochures or flyers maybe) that belonged to a completely different event? Maybe you could draw inspiration from those designs. How about that cool font that you liked on a website while browsing the web?

Dig into community help through social media

Did you know that social media is an incredibly powerful resource for ideas? Not many people think about social media this way but apparently, the power of community is more potent than we care to admit.

All you have to on social media is ask.

Businesses and individuals complete major projects using social media as a research/brainstorming tool. Writers complete their manuscripts using social media and the web. Businesses seek and receive leads on social media, and the social web even helps in regular classroom training.

By asking questions on ideas, inspiration, design tips, and even printing tips for your DIY wedding Invitations project is only the beginning. When ideas and answers start pouring in, you’ll need a way to organize those ideas, pick the ones you can work with, and take action.

Where are you going to source your ideas?

Managing your invites

Drawing inspiration, working on your wedding invites, working hard to get it right, and feeling smug with satisfaction on what you’ve achieved is one thing. Printing and then sending out your invites, navigating through your mailing list, and making sure that each of these invites is delivered is another task by itself.

Melinda Morris of Huffington post has a helpful blog on how to achieve just that. She starts with advice on taking the crucial step of actually making sure you send out invites to those who matter. She also suggests planning ahead, working backwards, counting invites, and advocates finding out all about your printing options.

Martha Stewart of Martha Stewart Weddings has another host of helpful tips on managing invites and the logistics involved.

Sending out invites isn’t like sending out labeled sample products – we are dealing with people who mean to you (including friends and family).

Have you ever worked on wedding invites yourself? What do you feel about it? Do you think doing wedding invites yourself is a better alternative to paying to get them done professionally? Would that make any difference? Please share your ideas and thoughts with us.

About the Author: Millie Rainer has worked as a content strategist in industries as diverse as hospitality, fashion, and tech. These days she’s managing the community at, which makes beautiful high heeled sandals .

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