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DIY Wedding Makeup Video Tutorial

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I’m not going to lie, as a wedding planner, I always recommend that my brides use a professional makeup artist. I know that there are some brides out there who think this is an unnecessary expense but I believe it’s one of the best investments you can make. For one, a professional makeup artist has professional makeup. Makeup that will stay on your face all day long and handle the elements, including happy tears! And two, a makeup artist can look at your face and know exactly what features to highlight and how to make you pop in your wedding pictures. Even if you’re a natural kind of girl, a makeup artist will know exactly what to do to give you just enough color so that you’re not pasty pale in your forever wedding day pictures. However, if you’re dead set on DIYing your own makeup on the day of, please take a moment and watch this video. It will give you a step by step process of how to apply your wedding day makeup. There are some wonderful tips and tricks but it always important to remember to do a trial run first. If the job becomes too overwhelming there are many, many wonderful makeup artists who can assist you.

Beautiful Faces by Erin, Makeup Artist
Drawn In Media- Videography
Fleur de Lis Event Consulting- Coordinating

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