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DIY Weddings Magazine Announces New Partnership with Meg Burke Photography

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DIY Weddings Magazine is pleased to announce their partnership with Meg Burke Photography.

Meg uses her talents to serve others with images they can cherish for years. Her focus is on three main areas, love, life, and beauty and is able to capture the reality of it all. Some call it lifestyle photography, or photo-journalistic. No matter what it’s called, her images will be timeless moments that showcase who you truly are, your love, your life, and your beauty. Meg will be teaming up with Valerie Pritt of Fleur de Lis Event Consulting creating and designing beautiful wedding tablescape photo shoots that will be featured in each issue starting this June.

I am a beach bum, arts enthusiast, dog lover, hopeless romantic, organizer & color coder, technology guru, stick shift driver, fountain Diet Coke obsessed, Irish Bostonian with no accent and the inability to sleep past 7am any day of the week.I sing in the car at the top of my lungs. I love apples and oranges no matter how much they don’t go together. I’m over empathetic. (Don’t believe me? Have a good cry and see the waterworks fall from my eyes.) I have fun being random. I am a Red Sox Fan and I will happily trash talk with Yankee fans any day of the week. I have a fabulous dog named Fenway (as in the park) who will make you feel like you’re the most important person in the world. My love for the beach will forever dictate where I call home. No Yankee Candle can truly emulate the smell of sea air. Most importantly, I value my friends and family more than anything in the world.

My love for photography came at a young age. Now I chose to use those talents to serve others with images  they can cherish for years. I focus on three main areas, love, life, and beauty and I aim to capture the reality of it all.

Meg joins the DIY Weddings Magazine team in our Summer Magazine Issue coming June 1, 2014. Visit her website at

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