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Don’t Stop The Music – DJ Or A Band For Your Wedding?

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The most memorable part of any wedding is the wedding music. After all, it’s what’s responsible for most of the night’s entertainment. Many people are making the switch from a traditional wedding band to a DJ–but do you want to? A band and DJ are best in different situations, dependent on everything from theme to price range. Here are some of the most important pros and cons to consider when wedding music.

A wedding band can be great. It’s what’s been used for centuries, most likely even including your parents’ wedding. Bands can be great to help complete a theme, especially a vintage one or one based on you and your partner’s heritages. They can sound better and be play more customized music. Your guests may also really like the band because of how unique they’re considered at modern weddings.

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to a wedding band. They’re very, very costly; hiring a DJ is probably cheaper. It’s also difficult to find a band that can play an eclectic array of songs. A DJ will get you all the variety you want, however bans usually stick to a theme. Bands also have to take a break so your reception will not have non-stop tunes.

Many more people are turning to DJs for their wedding. They’re cheaper and can spin records all night long with no break in the music. Most DJs have what you’re looking for in their collection, or at worst case scenario, they can download the song in a snap. They also can help keep the party going if they have a good personality. With a DJ it is easy to ensure the mood fits the occasion at the reception. Utilizing a DJ and the modern technology that is associated with one can also help keep your wedding reception up with the latest trends–a truly modern wedding.

However, some DJs can kill the mood. If they try to make themselves the center of attention it can be a real turn-off for everybody. Some DJs also run on autopilot; they just play a set list of songs on their computer rather than catering to you and your spouse’s wants. In exceptionally bad cases, couples may find the DJ playing songs on their do-not-play list, calling them by the wrong names and referring to people who are not actually present. They also can’t change up things like the tempo of a song to fit the mood of the guests present.

Choosing between a band or a DJ for your wedding can be a difficult choice. Each option has varying advantages in terms of cost, customization and energy and life added to your very special day. However, the most important thing is to make sure you get what you want. Are you absolutely dying to have a string quartet at your wedding? Go for it. Would you like nothing more than to have a DJ blast the chicken dance through the best speakers you can find? Book that DJ now. Listen to your heart and the choice should be easier.


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