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Color Alternatives To Wearing White On Your Wedding Day

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Recently, brides have been turning to color for their weddings – and not just for their wedding party. Whether a bride picks out a white gown to have dyed the color of their choice, or chooses a more prom or ballroom-like gown, the world of bridal is kicking in to help this trend. More and more, brides are wearing colored wedding gowns instead of white, and the richness of the photos is enough to show this trend may be sticking around. Combining bride’s themes and color schemes, brides are taking dark and deep colors, light and airy colors, as well as a combination of both the traditional and non-traditional colors to make their day uniquely theirs.

When a bride is in a colored gown, it is easy to have the groom coordinate as well. Photo by Offbeat Bride via Flickr.
When a bride is in a colored gown, it is easy to have the groom coordinate as well. Photo by Offbeat Bride.

Maybe a bride doesn’t like white, or maybe they just really want to flaunt their signature color. This bride, for example, chose a deep purple gown, completely straying from tradition while still looking incredibly elegant and bridal. This not only shows off her love of purple in her gown, she has her husband perfectly coordinated. Instead of having his tie and boutonniere just match the wedding party colors, the couple themselves match, which makes for a picturesque wedding photo. Also, because the bride stuck with tradition on including a bouquet in the photo, it keeps the wedding photo aspect alive.

Considering how elegant prom dresses have become, you could take one and use it as your wedding gown. Photo by Zoe Wang via Flickr.
Considering how elegant event dresses have become, finding colored gowns could become easier. Photo by Zoe Wang.

Lighter colors like this light blue or the light pink featured below give color to a dress without taking away from its white, airy appearance. The color is visible enough to know that the dress is not meant to be white, but light enough that it doesn’t stray too much from tradition. Also, because these two colors are so light and airy, brides could choose to have a fully colorful wedding party as well, as the colors are not too bright. Additionally, having both the bride and bridal party in color gives a real, complete look to all included in the special day. With everyone in a hue, parties look put together, and having the bride in color adds a unique element.

Light pink is becoming very popular in bridal gowns, since it isn't a huge contrast to white. Photo by Heather Carpenter Costello via Flickr.
Light pink is becoming very popular in bridal gowns, since it isn’t a huge contrast to white. Photo by Heather Carpenter Costello.


Color makes the bride pop, and makes for beautiful pictures. Photo by Allegro Photography via Flickr.

There’s also the trend of mixing together the traditional and non-traditional, like this photo above. The bride is in a deep, dark red, which the groom also has an accent of in his boutonniere, but both the bride and groom have white accents. The groom is wearing a white shirt with a light silver tie, and the bride has a more traditional white birdcage veil. Combining together the deep red hue with the bright white traditionally seen in weddings, this couple has created their own mix of the two. So, if a bride wants to stray, but others want tradition to remain in the big day, this may be a good compromise, as it provides a twist in color, while also including the traditional white.

Colored wedding gowns, though not commonplace yet, are popping up, which could be good news if nontraditional is the route a bride wants to go. Or, if a bride wants to change it up for their big day but doesn’t know how, maybe this is a way to go. Whatever the case may be, this cool trend is taking over this season.


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