Wedding Flowers

Easy Ways To Get Huge Discounts On Flowers

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diyweddingsmagLV22 - 1 Wedding flowers are just one of the many details you have to think about when planning your wedding. Some recommend that the amount you spend on wedding flowers should not exceed 8 percent of your total budget so as not to overspend, but that could be difficult especially if you have a special (read: expensive) bloom in mind. The cost will really vary depending on your décor, bouquets and other arrangements and how many flowers all of it will require.

Wedding flowers cover the flowers where the ceremony will be, such as the bridal bouquet, bouquets for bridesmaids, boutonnieres for the men, corsages, petals for the flower girls, reception flowers, and centerpiece arrangements. Take note that flower prices increase drastically depending on the season, so your choice of blooms should also take into consideration the kinds of flowers that will be easily available on your wedding day.

Here are other ways to save and get discounts on flowers for your wedding.

Order online through coupon sites.

There are many reputable retailers selling flowers online, from bridal bouquets to floral arrangements for centerpieces and is a great option if you don’t have a lot of options locally. Buying your wedding flowers online also offers you plenty of options that you can browse through in just a few minutes. Aside from convenience, you can also use a Bunches discount code to get even further discounts on flowers.

Visit a flower farm or a farmer’s market.

If you want to get huge discounts on your wedding flowers, another great idea is to go straight to the source: a flower farm. While your options would be limited to the flowers that are grown in the farm, you’ll be sure to get them fresh at the lowest price. You can also go to a farmer’s market or floral district (where florists get their stock) for competitive prices and a wider variety of blooms. You may have to arrange bouquets on your own (or with the help of bridesmaids), but if saving up on flowers is what you’re after, then DIY is just the way to do it.

diyweddingsmagLV22 - 2Choose locally available flowers in season.

If going to a flower farm or market is logistically impractical, talk to your florist about in-season blooms that are available in your geographical region. By keeping it local, you offset the costs of fuel needed to transport your flowers. And because your florist won’t have to work doubly hard to get your flowers, you get the added bonus of a lower service charge.

Consider inexpensive (but gorgeous) flowers and greenery.

Another way to get fab wedding flowers at a discount is to use inexpensive yet beautiful blooms. For instance, mums may be common, but you’ll have to agree that their vibrant colours and resilience make them great flowers to add to bouquets and floral arrangements. Other options include irises, zinnias, snapdragons, dahlias, and alstromeria. For greenery, you’ll never go wrong with fresh sprigs of million star baby’s breath—it’s not only elegant, charming, and easy to pair with other flowers, but pocket-friendly as well.

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