Wedding Eco-Friendly Wedding Ring Ideas

{Eco-Friendly} Wedding Rings for Less

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Looking for affordable wedding rings? Earn store credit with a recycled gold registry and get your engagement or wedding ring for less. The myKarat® recycled gold registry lets you invite family and friends to donate old, unwanted jewelry that can be transformed into your new wedding rings. You earn store credit at for gold collected and can significantly reduce the cost of your rings. And some couples collect so much gold that they get their rings for free!

And bonus, greenKarat is certified for 100% post-consumer gold so your rings are not only sentimental but also kind to the planet. Shop by color, setting or style, view hundreds of design possibilities and enjoy three options for ordering online:

1)      Personalize It – change stone, shape and color with an existing designs (hundreds of options)

2)      Artisan Designs – shop by style, setting, metal or collection (all rings are handmade to order)

3)      Custom Designs – work with our jewelry experts to create wedding or engagement rings design your own (5 step process)

Set up your recycled gold registry now using the easy online form.

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