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Our Favorite Things: Bridal Henna Crowns

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What a beautiful alternative to a wedding veil.  Henna crowns are a fantastic, body-positive way to express yourself, without the need for hot hats or itchy wigs. Look at these gorgeous works of art by Darcy Vasudev.

There has been a lot of media coverage about henna crowns. Henna Lounge has been offering beautiful henna crowns for 10 years.

Henna Lounge uses only certified organic natural henna, sugar, water, and low-camphor essential oils to ensure a safe, pleasant experience. Darcy has been offering henna crowns for almost 10 years.

About the Artist/Owner:

Darcy Vasudev, the founder and master artist at Henna Lounge, is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has over 9 years of bridal henna experience and is versatile in everything from traditional Indian and Pakistani patterns, to Arabic and “Gulf” henna, Moroccan design, and contemporary fusion.

Source: Henna Lounge


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