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Our Favorite Things: Klipy Cake Divider

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Klipy Cake Divider - get inspired at diyweddingsmag.com

Are you cutting your own wedding cake? You will need the Klipy Cake Divider.

Klipy Cake Divider - get inspired at diyweddingsmag.com

This is the perfect way to ensure each of your wedding guests gets a piece of cake, of equal size.  We love this ingenious device also makes a great wedding gift for the couple who love to bake. Simply stick the Klipy into the center of the cake (or pie if you prefer), and begin lining up the guides for however many pieces you are looking to cut; 6,8,10 or even 12 slivers. When it’s all over, throw the Klipy into the dishwasher and call it a night. Purchase yours from Amazon.

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  • I have used this and it is quite helpful when you are diy your own wedding cake at a venue that doesn’t have staff to assist. Using this great tool will guarantee that you get the right amount of cake out of what you order so that you don’t come up short.

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