Finding Your Fantasy Wedding Limousine

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fantasy wedding limo
One of the most important details of a wedding ceremony is the limousine. Many couples choose to take wedding photos with a limo as the backdrop. Some brides arrive to their outdoor wedding aisles via limo. All of the guests will see this limo and there will be a thousand pictures of it, so the look and feel of the limo is important. When shopping for a limousine, remember to think about your wedding theme, what size you need, and what decorations you can do with each vehicle.
Selecting a Limo: Style, Size, and ServiceThe limousine you use for your wedding needs to reflect the style of your wedding. It needs to be able to stand alone as a backdrop for photos but also fit in the with the overall theme of the wedding. Is your wedding romantic, traditional, fun, unconventional? There are limos out there for every type of wedding.Ask yourself what your criteria are for size. Some couples ride alone, just the bride and groom, but others choose to include the entire wedding party. The size of the limo needs to be able to accommodate the number of your wedding party. If you plan to have guests borrow the limo to get them to a hotel (open bar, anyone?), then selecting a limo with larger capacity is better to be sure everyone will get where they need to go.Make sure you choose a limo service that is reliable. The day of your wedding is a terrible day to have the wrong car arrive or not show up at all. Look at reviews and customer testimonials to make sure you are paying for a trustworthy limousine hire that will be reliably delivered on

Decorating the Limo

Before decorating, check with the limousine hire to make sure the rental service gives you the all-clear; some services have restrictions on what you can use. Be careful not to do anything too extreme or use any decorations that will permanently alter the car.

Style is again a big consideration for limousine decorations. Anyone can write “Just Married” in window paint and hang some cans from the back bumper. Take it a step further and let your limo speak to the style of your wedding. Elegant lettering on the outside and glittering lights inside could make a traditional or romantic wedding that much more true. Summer weddings could embrace the fun and sun of summertime with colorful cocktails and flowers.

If the wedding party is riding along with the couple in the window, provide something for them to do. Novelty items displaying the wedding theme are always fun. Winter weddings could keep a stock of cotton to throw as if it were snowing. Most limousines provide alcohol upon request; use this to your advantage by creating drinks that reflect the wedding theme. With our winter theme example, white Russian cocktails would be tasty.

Wedding limos are a fun detail that you can play around with until you find just the right one. Remember to let your limo speak to your personal wedding style, and you will be in good hands.

Guest Blogger:   Aew a contributor for Dream Day Limousines, who are specialists at wedding day transportation.

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