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Five Of The Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

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While we all wish at times that we could be as rich as the celebrities; that is not a possibility for most of us. If you are thinking of becoming engaged and are wondering what styles and diamonds are popular today, looking at celebrity picks may still be able to give you some ideas. In this article we will share five of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings and what people think of them.

Celebrity Engagement Rings
* Beyonce Knows How To Wear It

It is a well-known fact that Beyonce’s love Jay-Z knows how to make a big statement about his love for her. Having an image and name to represent it isn’t surprising that this rapper, who is known in the music world to be one of the richest men, had to go all out when asking for Beyonce’s hand in marriage. And who else besides the beautiful Beyonce could pull off looking absolutely dazzling wearing a 20 carat ring. The diamond itself on this ring is worth 18 carats with the whole ring costing a jaw dropping $5 million.

Beyonce's Wedding Ring

* Paris Hilton Makes Media Headlines Again

Most people know of Paris Hilton from her antics off screen more than her on stage acting abilities. If you have been following her life, you know just how this girl loves to live it up. Her fiancé Paris Latsis surprised her with a 24 carat diamond ring worth a cool $4.7 million. And while she adored the ring, she decided to simplify the band with a model from Cartier so it would be a more comfortable fit.Paris Hilton Ring


* Donald Has To Trump It All Once More

This business tycoon just has to keep the extravagance coming. Donald decided to make headlines with his ring known as the Graff diamond. This ring is known as “The Lord of the Rings” band and is priced at a hefty $2 million. He also made sure that the diamonds were handpicked to perfection. His now wife Melania Knauss wears the ring with pride.

* Kim Kardashian Keeps Her Cool

While the marriage only lasted a mere 75 days of wedded bliss, Kris Kardashian was given a giant diamond engagement ring worth $2 million dollars by her husband Kris Humphries. They are still in the process of divorce proceedings and Kim is doing all she can to keep the beloved piece of jewellery.

Kim Kardashian Ring

 * Time Tells all for Jacqueline Kennedy-JFK

Jacqueline Bouvier was the love of John F. Kennedy’s life and he spared no expense is showing that fact. When he proposed to her he spent a whopping $1.5 million for an elegant style that still remains as beautiful and stylish to this day. Designed with a tapered baguette design with an emerald surrounded by a shimmering 2.88 carats of tiny diamonds, this ring is a classic sign of love everlasting. Although recent accounts have put her ring at a value of $2.6 today.

JFK Engagement Ring
While there have been other celebrities to have put out serious cash on their engagement rings, not everyone wanted to share it with the world. But other expensive diamond rings are known to be worn by stars like Jennifer Lopez($2.5 million), Elizabeth Taylor ($2.5-$3.5 million estimation), Mariah Carey (clocks in at $2.5 million)Catherine Zeta Jones ($2 million), and Hilary Duff (comes in at a col $1 million)

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend the saying goes and will last an eternity. With all of the different designs available on the market today, even those who aren’t celebrities can still look and feel like one when they wear a gorgeous diamond engagement ring. The site from Larsen Jewellery will offer you more than what you expect. Diamonds for every occasion and every woman!!

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