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The Clifton! A Flat Leather Engagement Ring Case

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The Clifton - flat ring case

Most grooms will tell you the most nerve racking part about proposing is hiding the ring box.  So Andrew Zo, a packaging designer based in Vancouver, Canada, decided to do create the “Clifton”. A flat wedding ring case that fits into your pocket or wallet. The box is leather-bound, 1-cm thick and has a pop-up mechanism that hides the ring.  Amazing!

A Flat Engagement Ring Case

After a brief shut down due to high demand, they are starting to take orders again for the Clifton leather engagement ring case in October, 2014!

The best part about this whole concept is that a bride now, will not know this is a ring box, enhancing the proposal and creating a heightened surprise factor.. BRILLIANT Andrew! Check out the video below.

A Flat Engagement Ring Case

 source: Clifton



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