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Today, more and more couples are opting to have backyard and outdoor casual weddings. That means they are also looking to simplify their menus with finger foods and appetizers. To aid them in their search for fabulous, affordable food, we are looking for your favorite recipes to feature.  Just think, your recipe could be the topic of conversation at the next wedding reception. How cool would that be?!

All recipe submissions will be considered for both our blog and our magazine.


  1. You must be the original creator of the recipe you are submitting.
  2. Food categories we are looking for: finger foods, appetizers, desserts, dessert shooters, salads, food on a stick, drinks & cocktails – and of course we will look at any other ideas you may have.
  3. Fill out the form below.
  4. We need at least one high quality photo of the finished product. If your photos are too small, you will not be selected. The larger in size the better. Upload in the form below.


Please add the following information:

  1. You may add additional notes, tips or tricks.
  2. We want to help send traffic to your site, so please list your website/blog url.
  3. If you have a photographer credit, list in this section.
  4. Please add an email to contact you if we select your recipe to be in one of our magazines. (we do not distribute or solicit your emails)

You will ONLY be contacted if we decide to feature your recipe in one of our magazines. You may submit as many recipes as you would like. Blog submission will post within 2-3 weeks from submission date and will depend on how many submissions are received.  Please refrain from emailing us about the status of your submission. If you don’t see it in 5 weeks you can pretty much determine that you were not selected for a blog/magazine feature – but this would be rare.

Reasons why you were rejected:

  • Photo submitted was too small
  • Recipe was not likely something a couple would be able replicate for their wedding
  • You didn’t fill out the form completely

About the Recipe Form:

  1. Use ADD AN INGREDIENT link to add a new line for your list of ingredients
  2. Use ADD A GROUP link to separate out different sections of your recipe: Here is an example:
  • GROUP NAME: Green Cake Mix
    • ingredient list
  • GROUP NAME: Glaze
    • ingredient list


Good luck…and thank you!


(e.g. 2 people, 3 loafs, ...)
(e.g. 20 minutes, 1-2 hours, ...)


  Group: Main Ingredients (this label is not shown)    
  Quantity Unit Ingredient (required) Notes
Use the TAB key while adding ingredients, it will automatically create new fields. Don't worry about empty lines, these will be ignored.


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