Wedding Favors Ideas

Fun Wedding Favor Ideas

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While summer has drawn to a close, I was lucky enough to attend a few weddings in August and September. Each wedding has been lovely in its own unique way. And, excitingly enough, my sister just got engaged! She’s going to be getting married next summer, and I’m over the moon that I’ll be her Maid of Honor!

Given all this wedding bliss, I thought I’d share some of the ideas I’ve had so far for my biggest responsibility thus far as MOH: the wedding favors. Yes, my sister wants me to brainstorm and research wedding favor possibilities! And you’d better believe it, the possibilities are endless.

Sister’s Big Day

As my sister’s big day is in the near-ish future, I’m doing everything I can to be by her side and help. She and her fiancé are pretty adventurous, and love to go hiking and camping. I thought they might like to give out something like these carabiners—you can get them engraved with their initials and the date to commemorate the day, and it would be a cost-effective favor. She should be having about 100 people, so it wouldn’t break the bank at less than $100. Her guests could surely find ways to use them on a day-to-day basis as well.

Rustic Weddin Favor | Credit: Ryan Polei | via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Ryan Polei | via Compfight cc

They also love orienteering and geocaching, so I’m thinking of planning an orienteering-scavenger hunt type of event as a wedding activity! This would include their wedding favor as well; it would be a little pricier than the carabiners, though, so it will depend on her budget and preferences in the end. These dompass survival cards are really cool, and would make a great favor for everyone. We could give them out before the reception, and send everyone out with a map and a clue. They’d have to use their new compass to find a few select prizes that I plan on getting from her favorite gift site (hint: keep the couple’s favorites in mind as a way to make the favor more personal)—like mini bottles of wine, candies, picture frames, notebooks, or candles! There would only be 5 prizes or so for all the guests to compete for. This would make for a fun, competitive, and engaging evening that everyone would (hopefully) remember! Plus, these new toys would bring everyone into the fold of the couple’s outdoor adventures.

Photo Credit: Calsidyrose via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Calsidyrose via Compfight cc

A Piece of…Pie

A friend of mine got married last weekend, and it was a beautiful event. Her reception was perfect, the food was divine, and I loved her wedding favors. She is quite the baker—we used to work together and she was always bringing in cream cheese brownies, triple chocolate cookies, carrot cakes, and blueberry pies, all year round. Being the incredibly dedicated and caring girl she is, Christine baked mini pies for every single guest, and packaged them up in silver cellophane with ribbons. Granted, her wedding was very small—only 50 people or so—but everyone got to take home their own strawberry rhubarb pie.

Though it was labor intensive, this was a relatively cost effective choice for her, as all she needed to buy was an adequate supply of ingredients. She dedicated a solid chunk of time to working in the kitchen before her big day, and her (at the time) fiancé helped out too! If baking isn’t your thing, you can still do some digging to see if a local bakery or a talented friend can help you execute this idea.

Tea Party

Back in August I attended my cousin’s wedding in Boston. She and her now-husband are huge history buffs. They love all the historic sites in the Boston area. Inspired by their love of history, the two planned to create their own strains of tea, hearkening back to the good old Boston Tea Party, and to distribute their homemade tea as wedding favors. If you’re interested in doing the same, check out this great DIY tutorial. With fresh herbs and spices and some cheesecloth, you’re on your way to tea-making success. Their teas were a big hit at the wedding; each one was personalized with their initials, the date, and the name of their ‘brew’ on the tag—a very memorable favor to take away!

I really think it all comes down to how personal you can be with your wedding favors. Making everything unique to the couple makes the favors that much more special and meaningful to the guests. I can’t wait for next summer!

Author: Morgan Gray – Maid-of-Honor

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