Wedding Favors Ideas

Fun Wedding Favor Ideas For Your Wedding Party

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Choosing the right wedding favors for your friends and family can add charm and beauty to your ceremony and reception. Many couples look for fun wedding favors that express their personalities and preferences…however, it can be challenging finding the perfect little presents while still staying on budget.

If you’re looking for affordable wedding favors that your guests will really enjoy, you’ll love these original and whimsical suggestions. From place card holders that can also be used as photo frames, to artisan chocolates that are handmade and a joy to behold (and taste) – there are lots of ways to show your wedding guests just how much you appreciate them.

The best wedding favors will remind your friends and family of your wedding celebration and evoke a sense of tradition and romance. Here are some great ideas for your regular guest list and your wedding party (matron of honor, bridesmaids, ushers, etc.):

Delicious Treats Will Always Be Appreciated

Some wedding favors can be a little too cliché or dull – often, these little gifts will not be used or enjoyed. Avoid anything that is too kitschy or cutesy – try to choose gifts that can be truly enjoyed. When you opt for gourmet treats for your regular guest list, you can be certain your offerings will be appreciated! Add personalization to your goodies by wrapping them properly, and adding little touches, such as ribbon and tulle, that make them seem even more special.

Some good ideas for gourmet wedding favors your guests will love include handmade artisan chocolates, fruit preserves, or wines. Finding gourmet choices that are fresh and local with capture the essence of the latest “foodie” craze – people who love gourmet cuisine always want to sample the best treats from a particular town or city. Search your neighborhood for the best chocolates, wineries, or other gourmet foods. Then, present your gifts in special containers (such as heart-shaped plastic tins, or wooden boxes) to add character. If you’re having trouble finding the right treats, check out free tourist magazines and pamphlets, such as those you find on racks at local hotels. These booklets will often feature ads from the best gourmet food purveyors in your region.

Spoil The Women In Your Wedding Party With Affordable Silver Jewelry

The mother of the bride, the mother of the groom, and your beloved bridesmaids will all be VIP’s on your special day. After all, these lovely ladies are the ones who offer moral support and positive energy to you, as you get ready to walk down the aisle! Show the most important women in your life how much they mean to you by offering special gifts they can wear at your ceremony and reception.

For most women, jewelry is the number one most appreciated gift they ever receive. With this in mind, consider some lovely and inexpensive sterling silver jewelry ideas for the ladies in your wedding party. Silver jewelry is high quality, but so affordable, and it is a truly traditional choice for wedding favors.

Consider a classic Irish Claddagh ring in sterling silver for each of your bridesmaids. Featuring delicate engraving on the inside of the band, (Love Loyalty Friendship), an authentic Celtic jewelry design really captures the spirit of friendship. The best Irish jewelry will always be handmade in the Emerald Isle – and you don’t have to be of Irish origin to appreciate its symbolism and deeper meanings.

For centuries, the Claddagh ring has been given as a token of affection. The crowned heart motif, held by two tiny hands, illustrates loyalty and caring. The women in your wedding party will be proud to wear their gorgeous rings on your special day.

Gifts For Men

For ushers, the best man, and other important guys in your wedding party (such as the father of the bride and the father of the groom), special wedding favors can become treasured keepsakes. While men are commonly regarded as being less sentimental, they are often interested in traditions and rituals – any efforts you make to honor them with the right gifts will impress and please them.

Sterling silver cufflinks in a classic design, such as a Celtic Trinity Knot pattern, can be great gift ideas. Since these cufflinks can be worn at the ceremony, reception, and for years afterwards, they are really a handsome and versatile gift idea. Cufflinks are currently hotter than ever – many men love the “old-world” style they add to a dress shirt and suit.

Other fun gift ideas for the men in your wedding party include designer microbrew beers, tickets to sporting events, or special key chains or cigar cutters. While many retailers sell wedding favors with golf or sports themes, these can be a little cheesy at times. Go for elegance when you choose little gifts for the men in your wedding party – avoid tackiness at all costs. Whatever you choose should be presented in attractive wrapping paper, with ribbons and a card.

{GB – Guest Blogger} Ciara O’Brien writes for the online Celtic jewelry store: Irish Celtic Jewels, and writes about Celtic engagement rings and wedding rings, and provides information about Celtic style weddings.

Photography: Irish Celtic Jewels

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