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The Most Unique And Budget Conscience Wedding Gifts

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signature vase you sign
It’s that time of year again, when there seems to be a wedding every weekend! Is it just me or are people becoming harder to shop for? I am one of those people who really needs to find personalized gifts that are actually unique. Something that, years later when you look at it, causes you to instantly remember that special day. It must be my eccentric side, but I have never been able to do the toaster thing. As practical and helpful as appliances are, I have never been able to show up carrying a large box with an appliance it. I feel like I am simply giving an obligatory gift. Whether a close friends or a new acquaintance I want that gift to be special, to have longevity and purpose.

So I am preparing early this year. This years budget has to fall into the $50 range. But I have been successful I have found two gifts that have several different options, so number one comes in several different styles and number two comes in a few different species! I know you are thinking species? Is this a creepy gift? Read on, these are super cool wedding gift ideas! They are neat enough they have almost convinced me to get married again, emphasis on the almost.

The Signature Vase. Hello! How cool is that? I would never in a million years have thought about that. It would probably best serve as a bridal shower gift though, as it would need to actually physically attend the wedding reception and not hide in a box for the duration of it. What do I like about it? It really is a memento gift that is functional. It makes your friends practical side happy, it holds flowers- while satisfying the sensitive side in a non tacky way. It also doesn’t break the bank.

My favorite? Gift Trees I am absolutely in love with the idea of getting a newly married couple a tree to plant. I like the symbolic nature of planting roots together and having a sturdy beautiful tree to look at as they grow old together. Later on, for an anniversary gift, you could always send one of the personalized plates with the bride and grooms names and the date of their wedding with something like “As this tree grows strong with deep roots, so shall our marriage”. I think this is one of the coolest gift ideas I have ever seen. The bonus, you can be pretty sure no one else is going to show up with this idea.

So these are my top wedding gift choices of the year. These awesome, unique and thoughtful gift ideas both fall into that magic $50.00 range.

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