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{GB} Top 5 New Wedding Trends For 2012

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What do you think Trends are? The by word definition here is that ‘a trend is a typical direction in which something changes or develops’. When it comes to the wedding industry, these modifications seem to happen a lot faster as compared to anything else. In this article, I am to list down the top 5 new wedding trends for year 2012.

The Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2012

1. Vintage Weddings 

Both bride and groom are opting for more sophisticated and elegant appearance. This leads to the trend of vintage wedding patterns; the invitation cards have customized monograms and scripted calligraphy. Even vintage autos are there to relate to the old Hollywood fashioned gowns. Linens, table décor, vintage floral! People simply love it all!

2. The New Black is the Metallic Grey

You need to move over to the new shade of black-grey which is the new color ‘IN’. You need to be aware of the fact that grey is a shade that matches well with any other shade. From classy suits for the groom as well as for his boys to beautiful grey shaded bridesmaid dresses. You will get see that grey is one of the shades becoming an exceedingly popular option for linens, stationery as well as décor are just a few to name. You can combine it with yellow or pink to make it appear classy or making it conventional, matching it with purple, navy or black is just another stylish and fresh approach to make.

3. Embrace Ethnic Backgrounds 

Your guests are simply going to love the scenes when the wedding couple is going to embrace the entire heritage along with exhibiting more of an ethnic styling approach in their wedding. this is normally practiced by all such people who believe in cultural and religious practices and traditions are fully observed, all the attendees opt for cultural attire, food served is ethnic and the entire wedding decoration features bold yet stylish cultural prints.

4.  Charitable Favors 

We all are aware of the fact that this is something that holds staking power – you consider donating funds to a charity in terms of wedding favors. Some of the couples prefer charities that they were either a part of or that were dear and close to their hearts. Always remember a point that giving back is something that never goes out of fashion!

5. Artful – Photography 

All such days have gone when people used to pose themselves for shoots. Brides and grooms now prefer opting for a more unconventional location shoots such as old school enchant shots along with of course more visually fascinating candid photography.

These aforementioned are some of the most popular and leading wedding trends of 2012 and you can make use of them to have your dream wedding planned easily!

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