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{GB} Vow Muse to the Rescue

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It’s your best friend’s wedding. You’re seated loyally by her side at the gorgeous reception that she and her man have been planning for months. Everything is perfect; she’s having the time of her life… Until the best man stands up and starts telling idiotic stories about the groom as part of his tribute speech. He even mentions a few previous girlfriends while the main man sweats it out. Did anyone even talk to this guy before the big day? Good lord, someone really should have. Enter Vow Muse.

Vow Muse—also known as Angie and Alicia—is a writing consultation company that specializes in weddings and events. The Muses provide help to couples struggling with any of the written parts of their wedding: vows, best man/bridesmaid speeches, and wedding ceremonies to name just a few. Their ability to find each client’s unique voice and allow it to articulately shine through on that special day ensures perfection instead of the uncertainty and possible catastrophe of DIY vows and toasts. Because someone needs to reign in the best man, you know?

Vow Muse came to be after Alicia sat down with yet another friend who sought her help with writing wedding vows. She wondered if it was possible for her to assist the world at large with her personal writing talents, and nabbed Angie to be her vow-writing partner in crime. The two harnessed their energies and got to work. Vow Muse sprang into action in the summer of 2010, and has been busily writing wedding ceremonies, vows, websites, speeches, and offering public speaking coaching ever since!

Angie and Alicia are professional, quick-witted ladies who spin a simple conversation with their clients into a brilliantly worded success. The process of working with a Muse is simple: First, a conversation with one of the Muses allows them to get a feel for your personal voice and style while learning about the project you’re working on.

A short while later, the Muses present you with words that sound like they came straight from your heart, and you provide feedback about any ideas or words that may need a tiny tune up. The Muses then revise the word until they sparkle with perfection; then you’re ready to sound as good as you look on your special day! Even your mother-in-law will approve.

Getting help with your wedding vows isn’t cheating; it’s just plain smart. Your ceremony and celebration are likely being recorded, and the last thing you want is your perfect day remembered by the bridesmaid who was too drunk to give a coherent speech, or a groom who was nervous and stuttered through his vows.  Every bride deserves to have her mind put at ease that her dad won’t say anything too humiliating, or that the best man won’t be sharing indiscretions from the groom’s past. Plus, why stress over which sweet words to say to your love or how to say what you mean without being cheesy? Every bride needs a Muse.

{GB – Guest Blogger} Authors: Angie & Alicia of Vow Muse. Connect with Vow Muse at www.vowmuse.com, on twitter at @vowmuse and facebook at facebook.com/vowmuse, or email them directly at [email protected]!

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