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What’s Your Engagement Ring Style?

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A person’s sense of style and the clothes they choose to wear can say a lot about them. It can also influence them in other areas of their lives.  If you and your partner are about to get married and you’re choosing an engagement ring, odds are you want one that fits in with your wardrobe and your style. In fact, if you aren’t sure about the type or style of engagement ring that you want, taking a peak at your personal sense of style can offer the perfect jumping off point. Whether you are a modern, classic, or vintage woman, there’s the perfect engagement ring out there for you.


While some people might call your wardrobe “trendy” you prefer the term “cutting edge”. Either way if it’s the current hot style, then odds are it’s on your back.  When it comes to where you live, you prefer clean, crisp lines and minimum fuss. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t like the finer things in life, just that you’d rather have fewer things that are more valuable.

With its geometrical band, the modern engagement ring is a perfect fit for you and your life. Modern rings offer you something different from your run of the mill band. Maybe a unique cut of diamond with other stones surrounding it. Or a clunky platinum band. Regardless of the modern ring that you choose, it will be much more than a ring: it will be a piece of art.


You prefer to have staple pieces in your wardrobe rather than the latest trend. The little black dress, a white cardigan, and navy pea-coat – these are all things that can be found in your closet.  You wear timeless pieces that will continue to be in fashion from year to year. Don’t get me wrong: you’re still stylish. You just don’t go along with the current trends. You prefer neutrals with small splashes of color in both your wardrobe and your home furnishings.

A solitaire with a simple setting is the perfect ring for you. While other may consider it a bit boring and on the safe side, you recognize it for what it is: a timeless, beautiful piece of jewelry that will look stylish and gorgeous for the rest of your life.


Ninety percent of your wardrobe comes from second hand and vintage clothing stores. The other ten percent you purchase online at vintage clothing websites.  Your personal motto is “Everything old is new again.” Whether it’s your own wardrobe or the furniture around your home, your style is best described as eclectic, a mix-match of different styles and eras. You love colorful and playful pieces and you don’t always worry about whether or not they will fit in with what you already have.

You love the look and feel of old jewelry and aren’t opposed to having an engagement ring with something other than a diamond for the stone.  An oval shaped ruby or amethyst surrounded by smaller stones on a delicate band is the perfect choice. If you can’t find your perfect vintage ring in a vintage or antique jeweler’s, don’t worry. You can always opt to buy a replica of your favorite vintage ring. It might not be true vintage, but will still give you the look and feel that you’re going for.

Regardless of your own personal style, the perfect engagement ring is out there for you. If you can’t finds it locally you can always check out online jewelry stores. Online stores will usually have a wider variety and better pricing than their brick and mortar counterparts.

{GB – Guest Blogger} Diane Ferraro is the Advertising Director for Robbins Brothers. Robbins Brothers provides a huge selection of engagement rings, and you can also find the wedding ring that you are looking for. Started back in the 1920′s, the core value of the company is still “love the customer.”

Photography & Ring: Tacori Ladies Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring – Robbins Brothers


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  • Just wanted to stop by and drop off my two cents as the Groom-to-Be. For both rings, I strongly urge you to look online. The reason? Because you can save up to 50% online on the exact same rings you would buy in-store. I bought my now wife a James Allen engagement ring and we were both very happy with the purchase – me because I got her a gorgeous ring for much less, and her… well, she just LOVES her ring. Plus, It came with free delivery and a full cash-back guarantee.

    Seriously, before you buy, look online. You'll thank me that you did. Good luck!

  • There is an old story that says the ring finger has a vein that goes straight to the heart, thus the significance of the wedding band going first. It is normally worn first then the engagement ring on top.

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