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Get Creative When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

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Make your big day something that your guests will remember for a lifetime. Show off your personal interests, hobbies or style with a surprising wedding venue.

College Campuses

Get married at the campus where you met your spouse. Bring together your memories and feelings of belonging that you and your spouse enjoyed during your college years. Connect the dreams from your past with your hopes for the future by tying them together on the same day you tie the knot with your beloved.

Select an open space on the college campus for an outdoor wedding or, if you are planning an indoor wedding, a room filled with memories. Invite classmates and professors who influenced your life and relationship to your big day to complete the memorable experience.

Music Festivals

Get married at a local music festival. Although a wedding ceremony at a music festival may seem challenging, it is a creative way to showcase your love of music, as well as your love for your spouse. The Las Vegas annual dance festival, the Electric Daisy Carnival, is taking advantage of this trend and planning to host wedding ceremonies, states Dancing Astronaut.

If you do not want the actual ceremony to take place at a festival, suggests having a wedding near the festival and then attending the shows you want to see later — it will provide interesting photo opportunities. Turn the idea of wedding crashers on its head and bring the reception to the outdoor music celebration.

A Haunted House

Consider a haunted house as a spooky way to showcase your love of horror movies or Halloween. For an added thrill, plan the big day to take place on Halloween and ask your guests to dress up in costumes.

Depending on the particular haunted house, hotel or location, the legend you can tell your guests at the reception will vary. Try finding a local haunted hotel or house with a romantic legend to create a tall tale to tell your guests. If you are struggling to find a haunted venue, then check out the Kewaunee Inn. The haunted inn is famous for paranormal activity, which started in 1966, states the Kewaunee Inn website.

A haunted house wedding is a great idea if you are planning an October wedding, but keep in mind that haunted houses are often spooky. It may not be appropriate if your guests include several young children.

The Titanic Museum

The elegant staircase on the Titanic may have sunk with the ship, but that does not mean you cannot include it in your special day. You can have a postcard printing service print your invitations to look like old-fashion postcards from the “unsinkable” ship. The Titanic Museum hosts weddings aboard the detailed replica of the ship and the Grand Staircase provides an elegant backdrop for your wedding photos. The museum will make the arrangements for a memorable wedding.

About the Author:  Farrah Shawkat ~ Farrah is an interior designer originally from Iran.  She loves the West Coast and environmentally sustainable design.

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