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Getting Knotty? 9 Smart Tips for a Beautiful Budget Wedding

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Gone are the days when weddings had to be extravagant affairs to be memorable. Opulent banquet halls, hoards of guests, flowing bubbly, a three-tier cake, millions of flowers, loud music, all of these over-the-top wedding symbols now seem like unnecessary expenditure to most modern couples planning to tie the knot.

Due to the impact of the economic downturn on the day-to-day life, brides and grooms now choose to have low-profile, low budget weddings instead of floundering away all their hard earned money on one single event. Knowing that this money can find many other important uses, they now prefer to save up for travel or medical emergencies.

The average cost of a wedding in the US is estimated to be around $25,000, and a lot of people get into debt and run the risk of ruining their married life just to have a gala time for a few hours on one day. And why wouldn’t it be expensive? After all, it’s supposed to be a fairytale day!

That said, despite wanting a beautiful wedding day, some couples do realize that blowing up big bucks to have a dream wedding may not really be worth it. But then again, is it really possible to have a dream wedding on a budget? We say yes.

If you and your partner are planning to tie the knot and want to do so stylishly without compromising (and sacrificing) too much, then you’re reading the right page. Mentioned ahead are some clever tips for a frugal wedding that lets you enjoy your big day in a budget-friendly manner.

1. Skip the Pricey Rehearsal Dinner

Think about it – do you really need that over-priced rehearsal dinner before the main day? Why not do something else instead that’s equally fun and involves the entire family, like have a pizza party! There are a lot of formalities involved in weddings anyway; maybe keeping things casual and easy-going during rehearsal dinner will help you and your guests blow off some steam and minimize wedding jitters.

2. Make Your Own Invites

This is a great opportunity to personalize your wedding. You can look for fantastic ideas and inspiration on the internet and design your own wedding card. There are a plethora of options to be found on wedding sites/blogs. Just pick the one you like most, download some elegant fonts to achieve the desired look and create it. Furthermore, you can use standard envelopes to save on postage.

3. Limit Your Guest List

This is the area where you are likely to end up spending the most. So you’ve got to be really careful in deciding who you want to be present at your wedding. If you’re serious about having a low-cost wedding, you’re going to have to make a conscious effort to limit the number of people you invite, no matter how difficult it is. Your immediate family, close relatives and friends should be a priority.

Another advantage of doing this will be that your food, drinks and other costs will go down too.

4. Consider Unconventional Venues

How private and romantic would it be to get married in your family home! Or in your backyard – the place you spent your childhood days in! Getting married at your church is a splendid idea too. Or are you lucky enough to have a best friend with rich parents who might be willing to lend you their villa for your wedding? The point is, it doesn’t have to be an expensive place to be grand. You could choose to get married at a restaurant, get a discount for the catering and make a great day out of it!

5. Say ‘No’ to a Saturday Wedding

Although Saturday is the preferred day to get married (since it is convenient and traditional), you might want to consider weekdays, too. Saturday weddings will turn out to be expensive since this day is so much in demand. However, several places offer amazing discounts and package schemes on other days because they don’t generally get business for those days. So this will be extra income for them and a cost-effective deal for you. Everybody wins! You can take it a step further by having a morning wedding as brunch/lunches are usually much cheaper than dinners.

6. Be Your Own DJ

Instead of splurging on a DJ, you could burn your very own mix CDs with songs from your own collection – songs that you know and enjoy. Use a home stereo and arrange the speakers around the dance floor and you’ll have the best music at your wedding!

7. Buy the Wedding Dress in a Sale

Those costly wedding dresses can burn a nasty hole in your pocket. It makes sense to buy them at a sale, even if it is too early for the wedding. Since you know that you’re going to need it, might as well stock up and save cash. Another bright idea to save on your wedding dress – wear your mother/grandmother’s dress like an heirloom and make it your “something old and something borrowed.” If you think it needs alterations/modifications, ask your tailor to help you with it.

8. Cosmetics

You don’t need to spend big money on those big boxes of cosmetics just to use them for one day! Chances are that you won’t ever use them post the wedding and they’ll end up languishing in your make-up drawer until you finally dispose them off. Get your hands on samples of the best makeup products. Get them free from your nearest store or order them online. These come in small-sized packs which get exhausted after using a couple of times. Makes perfect sense!

9. Keep Calm & Get Married

Be prepared for last-minute glitches; there is always that one tiny detail that we all miss out on! But try not to be fazed by it and keep calm. The good news is that no one really notices small issues if you don’t bring it to their attention. And most of the time, there is always someone with a quick-fix present to save the day!


Planning budget weddings is an art. But, it’s not difficult and the thumb rule to follow is – avoid what you don’t need and keep it simple. Hopefully the above mentioned tips will set things in perspective for you.

Author Bio:  Korie Cantor has been working as a freelance writer for a long time. She has a diverse background in fashion and wedding. She loves sharing her opinions on the budget wedding ideas .

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