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Getting Married Abroad: Everything Planners Need To Consider

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Planning the perfect wedding can often require a lot of hard work and effort. That is especially the case if the happy couple decides they want to tie the knot in a foreign country. Still, thousands of marriages happen abroad every single year. So, it’s more than possible to achieve that ambition if people plan accordingly. Most folks have no idea where to start, and so the information in this article should come in handy. Just follow all the tips and tricks listed below to ensure no stones are left unturned. When all’s said and done, there are some beautiful locations all over the world. It’s just a case of discovering them and putting the wheels in motion. Ideally, anyone who wants to get married abroad should begin making arrangements around twelve months in advance.

Find the perfect location

When it comes to finding a location for the wedding, there are few limits. Firstly, couples could take a look at some foreign-wedding YouTube videos for inspiration. There are also many books and documentaries that could point folks in the right direction. Make a shortlist of potential destinations, and then perform as much research as possible. It’s sensible to look for information on the climate, average prices, and even the threat risk of terrorism. Read about the best towns and cities in the country, and try to find somewhere with idyllic surroundings. It might even make sense to visit some places ahead of time before making the final decisions. In most instances, couples just need to find somewhere with:

  • Fantastic weather conditions
  • Lots of interesting sights
  • High safety ratings


Discover the ideal wedding venue

Once the couple has found the perfect location, they’ll have to start looking at potential wedding venues. In most countries, there are many churches and other establishments willing to hold the ceremony. However, there is no reason people can’t think outside of the box when planning their big day. For example, some folks might like the idea of tieing the knot on a beach or something similar. The possibilities are endless, and they’re only limited by the couple’s imagination. Of course, anyone who wants to get married outside of a traditional setting should check the individual country’s laws with regards to that process. In most situations, anything is possible. Just make sure the venue is:

Big enough for all the guests

  • In the right location
  • Suited to weddings and similar functions

Apply for a marriage license

Depending on where people want to get married in the world, there are going to be different rules concerning permission. Unfortunately, in most countries, couples can’t just turn up and tie the knot. In most places, they have to contact local authorities and pay a small fee. The individuals then get their license to marry within a particular timeframe. Thankfully, all the information anyone could need is freely available online. It’s just a case of heading back to the laptop and undertaking some more research. People can often apply for their license a couple of days before the wedding is due to take place. However, in some places, they have to apply a few months in advance.

Make travel arrangements

It’s important that couples take a look at possible travel solutions long before they plan to get married. Unless people want to tie the knot alone, they’ll have to make sure it’s possible that friends and family can reach the location without breaking the bank. Of course, it’s often possible to make astonishing savings when making group bookings through major airlines. So, get in touch with different travel providers and try to work out the best strategy. In most situations, people will choose to fly to their destination. However, that depends on where the couple wants to travel. Some tips for getting cheap flights include:

  • Booking all the tickets at the same time
  • Using online discount codes
  • Flying to a different airport
  • Using air miles

Book accommodation

Next up, it’s time to book some hotels or apartments for all the guests. With a bit of luck, the happy couple will manage to find a honeymoon suite at upmarket establishments. However, it’s important not to forget about the guests and their comfort. Try to find hotels that offer rooms of a reasonable standard, and then get in touch with them to explain the situation. Many private businesses and chains will offer discounts to parties over a particular size. So, it’s possible to tell all guests to book their rooms at the same place for a fraction of the price they would have otherwise had to pay. The hotel owner is often willing to provide better prices because they know they are going to fill the entire building. Still, if anyone encounters issues, they could try:

  • Checking cheap accommodation sites online
  • Hiring apartments rather than hotel rooms
  • Looking for alternative means of accommodation (log cabins or something like that)

Find a reception venue

In most instances, the happy couple will want to book a different venue for their wedding reception. So, it’s time to start that search all over again. Try to find somewhere that provides a lot of space for the guests to enjoy themselves. After all, everyone loves a drink and dance after a wedding, right? Also, ensure the venue has a valid entertainment license because the couple will probably want to book a DJ or a band for the party. A quick online search for “wedding reception venues in…” should provide all the information people require. Things to consider when finding the ideal place include:

  • The size of the room
  • The seating arrangements
  • The dance floor
  • The capability for entertainment
  • The size of the bar

Contact a local catering specialist

Everyone will want to eat a decent meal after the wedding takes place. As the couple plans to get married abroad, they won’t manage to make any food for the event. For that reason, it makes sense to get in touch with local catering companies. The people who handle the wedding and reception venues might help to point couples in the right direction. However, again, all the info anyone could need is available online. It’s also possible to find reviews for most specialists, and that makes it easier to sort the wheat from the chaff. Whether people want a buffet or something more substantial, they should aim to make the arrangements with at least a couple of months to spare. Fun wedding food ideas people might want to consider include:

  • Fish and chips
  • Barbecue pulled pork
  • Personal pizzas

Consider booking some entertainment

Arranging entertainment in a foreign country might seem like a mammoth task. However, that is only true in some remote parts of the world. Anyone who plans to tie the knot in America, Europe, or Australia will find the process hassle-free. Couples just need to search online for agencies that provide the type of entertainment they desire. There are lots of companies that focus their efforts on linking bands and DJs with people who require their services. Of course, nothing is wrong with thinking outside of the box and trying something unusual. For instance, many people during the last few years have chosen to book the following acts for their events:

  • Circus entertainers
  • Magicians
  • Fire jugglers
  • Psychic mediums
  • Comedians
  • And much more

It all comes down to the tastes of the happy couple and their guests. Contrary to popular belief, every wedding doesn’t have to be the same.

Review different wedding photographers

It’s always critical to consider wedding photographers long before the event takes place. That is because the best professionals don’t have too much trouble finding work. So, there is a good chance they are going to have another booking if the couple leaves it too late. Thankfully, most people in that industry will publish a portfolio on their website. That makes it much easier to make the right decision. According to Vittore Buzzi photographer services shouldn’t break the bank. However, that depends on the area of the world in which the couple plan to host their wedding. Still, there is always room for negotiation when it comes to price. Anyone who wants to find the perfect photographer just needs to:

  • Check portfolios online
  • Read reviews from previous clients
  • Speak to the professional on the telephone
  • Explain the nature of the event
  • Discuss the photographer’s services
  • Make a deal on the price

The only other important issue people need to consider relates to getting the right suits and wedding dress. In most instances, it makes sense to purchase all those items before leaving home. Sure, it might cost a little more to ship them overseas in time of the event. However, it’s much easier than trying to find a stunning outfit at the last minute in a foreign country.

People who’d paid attention to the advice in this post shouldn’t encounter too many issues when planning a wedding abroad. Those who overlooked even a single paragraph could run into trouble as they approach the big day. Regardless of the destination, getting married in a foreign land is an experience people will never forget. They just have to make sure they’ve covered all the bases, so the event goes off without a hitch. Have fun!

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