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{GIVEAWAY} Traditional Rose Package

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This giveaway includes 15 videos that show Brides “how to” arrange/design/do all their wedding flowers (bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, centerpieces, cake toppers, etc.) There’s over 2 1/2 hours of video plus 9 PDF’s including checklist to help the Bride figure out how many roses to order. Roses are sold separately.

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15 videos using the “designer view”…

#1 Introduction – We encourage you to watch all the videos right after you download them. We want you to know what to expect on design day.

#2 Prepping flowers – It’s important to prep your flowers as soon as you receive them.

#3 Toss bouquet – We suggest you design this piece first…start small and work your way up to the masterpiece…the bridal bouquet.

#4 Attendant Bouquet – Bouquets aren’t difficult to design, but following these step by step videos will make them easy to create. We include tips along the way to make the process simple.

#5 Brides Bouquet – Working with more flowers can sometimes be a challenge, but you’ll master the technique to design the ultimate wedding piece.

#6 Boutonniere – You can get really creative with boutonnieres or keep them simple. We’ll show you how to design the basic boutonniere, with a little flair added for the groom! We’ve included two different corsage designs in the package, using two different types of roses.

#7 Single Rose Corsage – This corsage is a traditional pin-on corsage. You’ll learn how to make a great bow and by adding a single beautiful rose, create an easy but elegant corsage.

#8 Sweetheart Rose Wrist Corsage – Wrist corsages are very popular, so we made sure to include a video to show you how to design one. This piece uses sweetheart or spray roses, so you can incorporate an additional type of rose into your wedding flowers.

#9 Flower Girl Basket – You’ll be able to use this design on any style basket.

#10 Centerpiece – One design, but you can make it the size you need for your special venue.

#11 Aisle/Candelabra Piece – We show you how to create one design that will work for your candelabras, pew decorations, aisle pieces, etc. It’s very versatile and can also be used to decorate at your reception.

#12 Table Decor – A great design for your reception tables, especially if you need to make several of these. They’re created quickly and will add color and charm. We’ve included two different designs for cake toppers in the package.

#13 Cake Topper – Large (stand alone) – This topper sinks into the top layer of your cake, creating a beautiful crown of roses on top.

#14 Cake Topper – Small (to be used with a non floral topper) – If you’ve chosen another cake topper, but want to add a little floral flair, this is the topper for you.

#15 Last Words – A few words on transporting and placing your pieces.

  • Printable PDF’s…
  • Checklist Worksheet
  • Use these to calculate the amount of flowers and supplies required for your specific wedding party.
  • Tips, Tricks &Timesavers
  • Ideas to help you with planning, prepping, and designing your flowers.
  • Supplies & Resources
  • A list detailing the amount of flowers, greenery, filler, ribbon, and supplies used to make these videos and the retailers used for purchasing items.

Once you purchase and download the package, you can begin planning!

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