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{Guest Blogger} Winter Hen Party Inspiration

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Christmas Champagne

So, you’re the chief bridesmaid and you’re wondering just what to do with a bride who wants to have a winter wedding.  Fear not; there are far more options for the snow bunny bride than there were a few decades ago.  Gone are the days when hen parties had to be celebrated in the confines of a bridal party member’s living room.  Women are moving out of the house and across countries for the right mix of winter fun.  Don’t worry if your budget doesn’t plan for an expensive trip to Italy; there are plenty of ideas to please even the most discerning winter bride.

Money, Money, Money

One of your first options, if you’re looking at significant expenses, is to solicit the other members of the bridal party. A pricey trip or rental is not so hard on the bank account when it is divided up amongst the bride’s friends. Be careful not to ask too much of anyone; let them contribute what they can afford and make your destination decision based on the funds at hand. The Hen party should always be something affordable for everyone, and not pound stretch otherwise you won’t be enjoying having fun, but counting your pennies.

Take to the Slopes

One of the most popular hen party destinations is a ski resort.  You do not have to be an avid skier to enjoy the world-class accommodations of many local resorts. There are often activities like snow tubing for ladies who are not comfortable trying out their snow legs on a board or pair of skis.  Have someone who doesn’t like the snow?  Most resorts offer indoor pools and spas where ladies who dislike being chilled can put their feet up.  Resorts offer the best of everything: dining, accommodations, and entertainment all within the same series of buildings.  Hen-goers who like to drink will be safer in a setting where they can retire to the hotel room at any time.  This elaborate plan can be broken down into more cost-effective weekend plans. A resort offers a little bit of everything; however, that’s not to say one activity wouldn’t be just as enjoyable on its own.

Rest and Relaxation

Spas are a nice treat for the winter bride and her friends.  This hen party will lavish the group with the latest and greatest beauty techniques—something most brides are interested in so close to the wedding date. Not only will bridal party members leave feeling comfortable in their own skins, the stress of planning the wedding will be lessened after a few good massages and a sit in the sauna.  Spa weekends should include a fun night on the town with safe accommodations for all group members afterward.  A cottage rental, where ladies can have privacy and can socialize with one another, makes a great end to a fun-filled night.

Grab some Winter Sun

Remember, just because the wedding is in the winter doesn’t mean the bride and her friends wouldn’t want to hop ship and head to somewhere warm.  Most locations around the world where the weather is warm and the water is turquoise offer fantastic accommodations at all levels of pricing.  Nothing says ‘we love you’ like taking the bride to a place where she can walk the beach at sunrise and feel the warm water between her toes.

{Guest Blogger} Author: Rebecca, Chillisauce Ltd. Events Organisation Company specialising in Hen Nights and Stag Dos.

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