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Hair Grooming Tips For The Big Day

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Okay, so you’re a couple of days away from the big day. Location? Check. Lighting? Check. Catering? Check. Now it’s time to have a nice, long look in the mirror. You can be forgiven for living like a bear in the woods all this while, but you certainly want to look your best on your wedding day. Let’s start from the top. The hair is often described as the crowning glory for men as well as women. No doubt, hair is an essential part of a man’s personality and healthy hair can considerably enhance and at times change a person’s personality altogether. Therefore, keeping your hair healthy, well-styled and presentable throughout the wedding day is absolutely mandatory. This article presents a quick men guide for hair products that will help you get the perfect look.

Selecting The Shampoo

Getting the right shampoo is the first thing you should do. To do that, you need to be aware of your hair quality. Do you have thick hair or fine? Are they smooth or rough? Straight, curly or wavy? All these questions influence which shampoo is right for you. You don’t need to consult with a stylist to answer these questions since many a quick men guide for hair products is available online. Find out what type of shampoo suits your hair type and use it once every three days until the day of the wedding.

Choosing The Conditioner

Next comes the conditioner. As with shampoos, different types of conditioners work well of different types of hair. As per quick men guide for hair products, conditioners should never be ignored and should always be used after shampooing. It only takes 5-10 minutes of extra time in the shower and is time well invested. Conditioners help to make your hair soft, smooth and easily manageable. Use a quick men guide for hair products to narrow down to the best conditioner for your hair.

Home Remedies

If you are a couple of weeks away from the big day, you’re in luck. This means you have enough time to use some powerful home remedies to make your hair look better and healthier. Damaged, undernourished and frizzy hair can all be improved considerably after a few days of using home remedies. Coconut oil, for example, is an excellent nourisher for all hair types. Gently massaging it into the scalp twice or thrice a week makes the hair shinier and softer. Olive oil also works well as a hair moisturizer but it should be used carefully on oily hair. Argan oil and macadamia oil are also good moisturizers for the hair without the greasy feeling.

Styling Products

The choice of correct styling products goes a long way in ensuring a well-coiffed hairstyle for the wedding day. Hair gels, pomades, mousse, waxes and clays are some of the different styling products available to the modern groom. Quick men guide for hair products are available online and offer access to several great products for different hair types. American Crew, for instance, is one of the most popular hair styling products since it helps to keep hair in place and has a pleasant fragrance. Other brands and products can be reviewed and purchased easily online.


Pomades, for example, are used to achieve a highly slick hairstyle and a bright shine. Pomades can be useful when creating different hairstyles such as the classic side parting or a pompadour. You can choose oil-based or water-based pomades depending on whether you have dry or oily hair. Then you have hair pastes that are thicker and heavier than pomades and are used to keep particularly unruly hair in place. They give a good look if you’re planning for a rustic theme wedding. Hair pastes are mostly water-based and do not create a lot of shine. Refer to an online quick men guide for hair products to choose the right pomade or hair paste.


Hair clay is a hair styling product that is based on a composition of bentonite, a very fine, natural form of clay that forms a very thick, smooth and soft paste. According to quick men guide for hair products, clay is ideal for men with fine hair because it adds thickness and volume when mixed with water. The added body gives added structure to the hair and also keeps it in place throughout the day. It also has incredible cleaning properties since it attracts dirt and grime from the hair without drying it up. Clay even supports hair growth and repairs damaged hair shafts.


No matter how much time you have until the wedding, get started on a hair care regimen now. It takes days and even weeks for the effects of good hair care to become visible. Hence, the sooner you start the better. Get hold of a good quick men guide for hair products to gain knowledge about the different products available on the market. There’s something for every hair type and you will never regret the time and effort spent in taking care of your hair.

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