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Happily Ever After: 8 Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage

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True love definitely exists and there are plenty of examples of happy couples who have been married for a long time and seem to grow closer together every year.

Marriage is quite like a lot of things in life. Hopefully the more you put into making the relationship work, the more you will get back in return.

Even if you are lucky enough to have the found the true love of your life, you still need to work on strengthening than bond, so here are 8 ways you can do just that.


It may sometimes be hard to do, but if you practice a little humility and try to give up the need to be right every time and win every argument, that can make a huge difference in a relationship.

When we are able to detach ourselves from our inner-ego and practice a little empathy, it helps to diffuse any anger or tension and allows your partner to become more consciously connected with you.

Share experiences

Happy couples often find a way to understand their partner’s point of view or outlook on life.

If you or your partner have an interest in psychic readings for example, it would be a great idea to share the interest and experience together and find out what the future holds for both of you.

Being able to understand how your partner is feeling and what is important to them, will help you to share experiences and ideas together, and that can only be a positive aspect in your relationship which will serve to deepen the bond between you.

Focus on the good bits

We all have our faults. All relationships will have their problems and flashpoints but if you try to focus your energy on all the good bits, it will help to make the bad bits seem insignificant.

Focus your attention on what you really like and appreciate about your partner and make the most of what you value in your relationship, which will result in a more positive outlook for any couple that can do this.

Intimate bond

Most relationships start out with an instant spark of sexual attraction, but it is only natural that the initial level of passion will lessen over a period of time.

One of the keys to a strong and lasting relationship is holding on to that intimate bond and level of sexual understanding between each other that is highly personal and unique to both of you, and is the one area of your connection that defines who you are as a couple.

Forgive and forget

Mistakes are going to be made in a relationship and some of them can seem quite bad at the time.

If you are able to practice forgiveness and work your way around the speed bumps in your marriage rather than harbouring any long-term grudges, that will make for a happy couple who will be able to spend many wonderful years together.

Aim for better

Relationships can easily become a bit so-so and stuck in a bit of a rut, if you don’t always aim for better.

Always try to seize the moment and do new things together that are exciting and challenging. These shared new experiences will help you to pay constant attention to not just maintaining but improving your togetherness.

The bigger picture

If you always try to view your relationship from a larger perspective, this will help any minor issues seem even more trivial.

Just think mountains and molehills and you start to get an idea of why it is always best to focus on the bigger picture.

Keep it light

A lot of happy couples share a common characteristic. They are able to lighten up and see the funny side of things.

If you can shrug your shoulders and laugh off little incidents, a smile will soon return to both of your faces.

Marriage is still a wonderful experience and if you constantly work at strengthening your rapport as a couple, then you should enjoy many happy years together.

Guest Blogger: Marie Mccormack has had a happy marriage for a long time now. A passionate writer, she likes to share her experiences with others who are looking for relationship advice. She writes mainly for relationship, family and entertainment blog sites. You can keep up with The Circle Psychic on Google+


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