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Happy Feet For A Happy Bride: Bridal Shoe Tips

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Happy Feet For A Happy Bride: Bridal Shoe Tips - see more at

Although beauty usually comes first, comfortable wedding shoes are extremely important since you’ll spend most of the day dancing, attending guests, or being photographed. Tired or pained feet will definitely dampen your smile and make your special day less than perfect. What kind of shoes should you wear to your wedding? Key items must be considered in order to answer this question.

Your habits

Take a look at the shoes you wear on an everyday basis. Chances are you find them more than tolerable, so they’ll guide you towards cozy bridal shoes. Tried and true works best in almost every case.

Your feet

The size and shape of your feet will influence the type of shoes you’ll find most comfortable. For example, wide feet may have trouble with pointed toe shoes while thin feet might struggle with slip-on sandals.

Your medical condition

Medical conditions restrict your choices regarding footwear. From back pain and knee problems to bunions or flat feet, minor ailments might force you to look for a specific kind of shoe. If your condition is severe, ask your doctor before you go shopping.

The weather

Depending on the season and wedding venue, some shoes are more appropriate than others. Sandals are a great option for warm days or beach ceremonies while cold weather, rain, or snow call for closed shoes.

Now that you’ve considered your circumstances, it’s time to talk about your options.

Go low

Flats are a great choice to look stylish while still being comfortable, especially for those with health issues or not used to walk in heels. Flats come in many shapes and styles, giving you a wide array of options. Ballet flats are cute and feminine and are easy to wear all day. Flat sandals are also a great choice with a large variety of styles to choose from.

Go tall

If you’ve decided to wear heels, choose ones that are low or mid height, so your weight doesn’t rest solely on the front of your feet. In addition, thick heels give you some extra balance and make your high heels easier to handle. Even if you’re an expert wearing stilettos, remember that weddings are long and that you won’t have many chances to sit down.

Go old

Remember those ultra comfy shoes that you wear a lot? Old, worn shoes tend to be cozy although not appropriate for a wedding ensemble. Covering them with fabric to match your dress will give you the best of both worlds while letting you personalize them to your taste.

Happy Feet For A Happy Bride: Bridal Shoe Tips - see more at

Go wild

If you’re not on the conservative side, the possibilities are endless. Daring brides may have fun with decorated sneakers while pretty flip flops would be appropriate for a beach wedding. Don’t restrict your search to white shoes and you’ll get more options to choose from. Metallic colors such as gold, silver, or bronze will add a subtle hint of color to your look. Another option is matching your shoes with the bridesmaid dresses or wearing them as your “something blue”.

Regardless of your final choice, there’s an important piece of advice concerning bridal footwear: never break in a new pair of shoes on your wedding day. Shoes that didn’t bother in the store may cause blisters and sore feet after a couple of hours. Pick your shoes in advance and start wearing them at home a couple of weeks before the big day. This will give the shoes time to stretch or, in the worst-case scenario, give you enough time to find an alternative.

It’s extremely important that you look and feel radiant on your wedding day, so make sure to have a plan B. A pair of emergency shoes can be a life saver, especially if you suffer a footwear malfunction. Sore feet will stop you from enjoying yourself and that will definitely show in your face and in the pictures. Don’t sacrifice comfort over beauty to enjoy the beginning of the rest of your lives.


{Guest Blogger} Author Bio – – Jessie Allen is a freelance writer. The main reason why she decided to write this article is her passion for shoes. There is a large variety of bridal shoes that you can buy online and hopefully this article will help you in choosing your prefect bridal shoes. You can follow her on Google+ for more tips.

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