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How To Choose A Unique Shoe For Your Wedding Day

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Salina Ivory Satin by Diana Ferrari

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. From the time you are a little girl you have probably been dreaming of this day. Now it’s here and you have a few things left to do. One of those is finding the perfect wedding shoes for your day. Whether you have a formal event or a less formal event, there are perfect shoes out there to fit your dress, your style and your day. There are several factors to consider and remember when picking out your shoes.


One of the first things you need to pick out is the fabric of your shoe. There are all styles and types of fabrics to go with all types of dresses. Try to get the fabrics of both as close as you can. It will help to have your dress with you to make sure that the fabrics match each other like you want them to.


Not all shades of white are created equal. Remember that dresses come in shades of white like pure white, ivory, beige etc. There may be a subtle difference between the white of your shoe and the white of your dress. If your shoes will be seen you may want to try and match the whites as close as possible. Even though it may look the same when separate, you may able to really tell a difference when the two are put together.

Embellishments or Designs

Consider how much you want on your shoes. Is your dress simple? Your shoe may need to be simple as well. If your dress has a lot going on you may want to stick with a simple shoe design as well. You can choose to have designs on the shoes that also match the one on your dress. Make sure if you choose to go with a design on both that they complement each other. For example, beaded shoes go great with a pearl design on your dress.

Take Your Shoes with You

When you are getting the fitting or alterations on your dress you need the shoes you will wear with you. This can help your seamstress to get the length of the dress just right. Be sure you take them with you to each fitting so you can see the two together. This also helps you know the exact measurements it needs to be. This is very important when you are having to have alterations on your dress.


If you plan on having a long night where you are on your feet, you want to find shoes that are comfortable as well. Some choose to go with flats while others pick higher heels or wedges. Either one is perfectly fine with your dress. Be sure to practice walking in them for a while before the big day. This will help you to be used to them and break them in while getting ready for your walk down the aisle.

Guest Blogger: About the Author: The author of this post, Maria Jefferies has been writing for several years sharing her tips and ideas she picks up along the way. She has a fun time with her family and loves helping others. Check these shoe tips out on finding the perfect wedding shoes.

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