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Just Say Cheese: Top 10 Worst Wedding Album Beauty Blunders

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What variety of event is sure to produce pictures that are not just seen but closely analyzed by goers and those wanting to glean all the festivities afterward?  Wedding albums are the most-seen pictures in many family photo libraries.

Moments are fleeting but a picture is forever. So, it’s extremely important to not look cheesy (or much worse!) while saying ‘cheese,’  in preparation for the flash.

1. Is…That You?

Weddings are highly formal, meaning men dress to impress and women apply copious amounts of makeup (or applied by makeup artists).   However, it’s conceivable that you’ll attempt to look so formal that the end result is a bit different than you in ‘normal’ life.  Be sure to look your best but still look like you.

2. Great Foundation

As suggested above, sometimes designers and artist apply makeup for women, putting on (what seems like) masses of foundation on the face.  While foundation is great for hiding skin imperfections and allows for better makeup application, don’t go overboard with caking it on.  Sometimes, the foundation can clump together to create blots on the face – not very becoming!

3. First-time Failure

Don’t wait until just hours before the wedding to try on your dress, create that new hairstyle you read about, or do your makeup for the first time.  You may decide that chosen makeup colours don’t go well with the dress or you’d like to do something different with your hair (or worse – you ‘copied’ the hairstyle of the bride!)  To avoid first-time failures, ‘practice’ preparing for the event a few times.

4. Long Lashes Versus Mascara

Weddings are emotional events; it’s common to shed a few tears of joy.  However, if you’re wearing mascara, you may quickly look like a Panda with black spots under your eyes from the makeup.  Wouldn’t it be better to draw attention to your eyes with thick, long, and fake extended eyelashes?  It’s easier to apply than mascara and worry free.

5. Juice-Cleanse Diet

The dress is a bit tight; you bought it a size smaller because you intended to drop a pound or two before the wedding.  Trying desperately to shed some weight, you opt for a juice cleanse, which is great for the body and especially stimulating for the bowels.  If you don’t want to look anxious or downright scared in pictures, stay away from cleanses and out of the bathroom at the wedding.

6. Distrusting Deodorant

Perhaps you were in a rush, forget yours at home, and need to ask for someone’s deodorant or quickly go to the local store to grab anything.  However, depending on body chemistry, you may react different to that product.  At best, you may perspire, feeling uncomfortable, and, at worst, the foreign deodorant leaves an embarrassing stain under your arms.

7. Over-done Tan

People love being in the sun because it feels good on the skin and makes it a golden brown, very aligned with ‘looking good and healthy.’  However, the sun is not always out but tanning salons are open all year.  In minutes, you can look like a Greek goddess or something out of second-rate horror film.  Be careful as not to procure a ‘fake tan’ effect, appearing more like a carrot than a wedding invite.

8. All in the Family

While you’re running around practice your hair, finding the right deodorant and staying away from tanning salons, it becomes easy to forget the preparation of others.  If you’re responsible for little ones or elders, be sure that they are well-prepared  too, looking and feeling good about stepping out in formal public.  A skilled wedding photography service may spot minor imperfections before the shot, but you should be your relatives’ first line of defense.

9. Be Distinct

Of course, it’s the job of the bridal party to look good.  But, if you’re not ‘in’ the wedding, you don’t have to look like others.  Suggest your guy wear a different color suit or mix it up and wear some funky jewelry.  Just remember to not out shine the bride and groom on their special day.

10. One-Minute Touch-ups

Perfection is not a static state, especially when you’re dancing, taking pictures, and perspiring amid a crowded room of people.  Be sure to bring along a touch-up kit to address minor imperfections that result from the day’s events.

Guest Blogger: Robert is an award-winning photographer in Perth, Western Australia. With his innovative and creative skills, Robert is highly recognised by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography Association. Feel free to follow Robert on Facebook.





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