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How to Keep the Magic Alive After Your Wedding

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A lot of time and effort goes into planning a wedding. There are themes to think about, guest lists to write up, food to sample and coordinate, decor to arrange, people to hire… the list goes on! However, once the ordeal is over and you finally get to experience your wedding, it can create a magical moment in your history. You and your partner are now bound together by law. You’ve exchanged your vows, you’ve gone on your honeymoon and it’s time to come back down to earth and face reality again. However, as upsetting as that sounds, there are plenty of ways to keep the magic alive for a little longer even after your wedding and honeymoon are over. To give you some ideas,  we’ve compiled a list of ways to keep the joy going even after all the celebrations have ended.

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Close Down or Change Your Wedding Website


If you’ve set up a Facebook page or a website dedicated to your wedding, then make sure you take it down or change it to thank the guests and link to the services you used and where the guests can get contact information or claim their photographs. Although it seems like a form of closure, changing the website to remind the guests and yourself of the fun times you had at the wedding is a way to reflect back on the memories. Tell people you’ve updated the website to contain all the contact information, and post on Facebook to thank everyone.

Preserve Your Wedding Dress

If you want to keep your dress looking fabulous for when you look back at it, then consider a wedding gown cleaning & preservation service. They’ll handle most of the work to keep your gown looking pristine, and you can bring it out whenever you like to remind yourself of your big day. Many people keep their wedding gowns for sentimental value, but you could also consider handing it down to your children if they decide to marry in the future.

Remember to Change Your Name

If you plan to change your name after the wedding, then make sure you have done it legally. It doesn’t just happen automatically and you need to tell the relevant authorities that you actually plan to change your name. Once you’ve done this, make sure to change it on any public profiles you have such as social media, bank details and so on. This will stay as a reminder that you and your partner have exchanged vows and married.

Send Letters to the Guests

As a final parting gift for your guests, make sure you send them a lovely custom-made greeting card. Thank everyone for coming, tell them how much you appreciate their time, and perhaps attach some last-minute gifts, decorations or even photographs that you took with each guest to remind them of the time they had. It can be a lot of fun decorating and designing these cards as well, and it’ll be sure to keep the magic alive for a little longer.

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