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Lace Wedding Collection Inspiration

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From the 15th century where lace had its first face, the women and wardrobe makers have fallen in love with it. This is the time where the magic of craftsmanship applied to threads formed into floral and leafy patterns seen through and through is embraced by commoners and monarchs alike. Countries like Ireland, Spain, England and almost every country in Europe have their own legacy in lace making that is proudly displayed in museums as part of their culture.

Lace is painstakingly weaved by hand through needles and bobbins to create a masterpiece. But the way it is created have evolved that although the traditional handmade lace are still prepared today, most of the pieces nowadays are created by machines that are especially built for this craft.

No matter how they are formed, lace is best chosen by women whether on special occasion dresses and more than ever their wedding dress. There is something about this fabric that entices these women to wear it that starting from its dawn on the 15th century, its status have maintained the greatness up to this day.

There are different types of lace present now that are classic by nature, some a fusion of the old and the new and some are all throughout modern. The Europeans has now been matched by their Asian counterparts creating a whole new breed of the lace fabric coming from India and China. Because of the artistry of the avid creators of this material, they have incorporated lace in almost every craft that involves textiles just like umbrellas, table runners, purses, shoes, pillows and so much more. Just for the reason of the love that has been attributed to lace by the female specie, all these were made possible.


The special occasion where lace is the forerunner is the joyous wedding. In this celebration, lace is the first choice knowing it denotes femininity and class at the same time. Almost every website has their own shrine for lace wedding dresses and all that is connected to it.

From the webpage Topwedding, a distributor of lace in the form of bridal apparels, this fall has been an honorable moment to showcase the fabric that is holding the hearts of brides. They have a collection of laced up wedding gowns for both the traditional and the modern bride.

The smooth version of the Chantilly, the finer adaptation of the Battenberg and best of the corded Alencon can be found here combined to the sparkly satins, tempting taffetas and crystal organza that are magnifying the beauty of lace. The collection has the newly born breed of the fabric called the beaded lace where the pea crystals, rhinestones and sequins are integrated in lace making.

Lace is present on the bridal apparels taking advantage of the transparency feature where the boring is made beautiful and the traditional is made gratifying. The wedding gown would not be complete without a dashing pair of shoes covered in lace and decorated clasped by a bow because this one does not only amplify the lush found in lace but it matched the divinity of it all. Umbrellas and wedding garters riveted with crumpled lace on the edge are good accessories for the bride to go off classy with the theme. The fabric inspired steel edged purse in wool yarn used to create lace is a good addition for the guests.


Lace can be integrated in many things looking back to the time it is made up to its evolution and many faces but the fact that the sensuality of the fabric that stays attuned in anything is what makes it matchless.

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