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In Living Color: Colorful Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

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Adding a pop of color to your wedding with colorful wedding bands and engagement rings.

Is the traditional white wedding past its prime?

In June, a major wedding site took a poll of their brides and the responses they received were somewhat surprising. Only 1 in 5 of their brides described their wedding as “traditional.” While almost 40 percent responded with “non-traditional” or “very non-traditional” when asked about the type of decor and ceremony they had or planned on having.

The white wedding may not be dead, yet. But as more brides choose to spice up their ceremonies with personalized and more casual touches, we’re likely to see wider swaths of color cut through the sea of traditional white flowers, white gold wedding bands and white decor in the future.

One way brides and grooms have been putting their personal stamp on the traditional wedding recently has been the increase in colorful wedding bands and engagement rings. Whether its bucking the diamond traditional for a colored gemstone or selecting an alternative metal wedding band for the groom’s ring, we’re seeing a much wider range of colors on the hands of couples these days.

Here are some popular options modern couples have been seen wearing lately:

Colored gemstones and diamonds have become widely popular throughout the jewelry industry. The traditional diamond ring is still king in engagement bands but more and more we brides are being seen with colorful engagement bands. A simple band with your choice of stone makes for a great non-traditional engagement band and is likely going to cost you less.

colorful inlays
Inlay wedding bands are another way to insert your personality into a wedding band. Types of inlays vary and there are a wide variety of colors from traditional yellow gold inlays to white and black carbon fiber wedding rings for guys. Even wood inlays are available for the really adventurous.

black rings
Speaking of guys, you might have a groom that isn’t necessarily keen on wearing jewelry but there are plenty of non-traditional and colorful wedding bands for men these days that are much more masculine in style. For a complete 180 from the white weddings of yesteryear, consider getting a black tungsten wedding band for him or a combination black ceramic wedding ring.

Vincent has been helping couples find the latest and greatest in modern wedding bands from Tungsten World for nearly six years. It’s been his goal to fit couples with the wedding band that fits their budget but more importantly their personality and lifestyle. To see more of his work and his 12 Deals of Christmas at


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