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How To Make Your Bridal Shower and Wedding Favors Memorable

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We all know that brides are the star of the show at any wedding or bridal shower. But how can you make a lasting impression on your guests? Let this article inspire you and offer ways in which you could jazz up your bridal shower and wedding favor gifts to make your celebration one to remember for your guests.

Personalized Wedding Favor Gifts

Personalizing all of your wedding favors and accessories is a sure-fire way to make a lasting impression on your guests. Think outside of the box – you can personalize almost all of your decorations and gifts to ensure that nothing about your celebration is generic.

favycandlecredit: wedding favy

Purchasing or creating personalized wedding favor gifts will definitely impress your guests. Gift personalization is super easy and cheap to do, too. Here are some ideas for you to try yourself:

  • Consider purchasing small gifts for every single guest to take home with them and labelling them. They should be a little souvenir of the great time that they had celebrating on your special day. Wedding Favy has a gorgeous selection of wedding favor gifts, including candles with customizable printed labels – why not create a personalized wedding souvenir for your guests?
  • You could also handwrite your own labels for that extra-special touch. Are you a crafty person? You could showcase your skills by creating and labelling your own wedding favors. A simple gesture as writing a message to your guests on their present can speak volumes of how much you care about them. Check out our previous article for ideas of what you could create for your wedding favors.

How To Personalize Your Bridal Shower

lettergarlandcredit: bridal shower co

Greet your guests in style and express your sentiments with personalized bold banners and decorations. Bridal Shower Co is your one stop shop for your bridal shower decorations and games, and can ship a range of items from banners to customizable bingo cards straight to your door.

Bridal Shower Co also offers fun accessories such as swizzle sticks to pop in your drinks to add some glamor to your bar cart, and they are super customizable, available in a range of colours and designs to suit your tastes. Other personalizable bridal shower accessories available include:

  • Banners
  • Cake bunting
  • Candy bar wrappers
  • Lollipops and mint tins

Thematic Wedding Favors and Bridal Showers

If you are planning a themed wedding, you should consider buying or making accompanying themed wedding favors and bridal shower accessories.

For example, if you are planning a winter wedding, why not buy decorative snowflakes for your guests to take home with them? You could also decorate the bridal shower in a similar fashion – having a consistent theme is a guaranteed way to make a lasting impression on your guests.


I hope this article has inspired you to jazz up your bridal shower and wedding favor gifts, and make a great impression on your guests. Just in case you’re in a rush with your wedding plans, here are the key points:

  • Personalizing wedding favors and bridal shower accessories is
  • Having a consistent theme running throughout your wedding celebrations, from your invitations to your wedding decorations, is guaranteed to make your wedding and bridal shower memorable

Best of luck with your wedding planning!


By Hollie Jones: Hollie is a freelance writer and co-writer for the Hollie and the Ivy blog. She is passionate about upcycling, interior design, crafts and weddings. Hollie enjoys writing about these topics and spreading her knowledge and experience to others.

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